Favorite Toy Camera....

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  1. here's mine.....
    and one of its pix.....
    </ p>
  2. I picked up one of those a couple years ago. 'cept mine was blue and I don't think it had a name brand on it. It was fun to play with, but I really wished the lens was more wide angle. The picks on mine looked almost like the equiv. of 50 mm on 35. What's been your experience?

    Still a neat little camera. I'v wondered about turning it into a pinhole.
  3. darn beautiful and small enough to wear to my keychain(actually i have one of these and IT IS called "110 snap'n'go keychain camera"...only it is red yellow and blue

    neat and small as it is,i must confess i never took picture with it...i always wanted to,and somehow i thought i would ruin the film

    because of claudia here,i will take it for a spin later on and enjoy the fine weather with thsi little fella...btw,nice pic and colours claudia:)

    take care
  4. Hey, I don't have a shot of my Smena (it's butt ugly comparing with yours) but I consider it a toy camera -- (it's impossible to treat it seriously :0). here's an urban landscape taken with Lomo Smena 8M. [​IMG]
  5. What speed film do you use, 400 or 200.
  6. My Falcon Miniature Deluxe, bakelite, 1940's? 50mm "minivar" lens.
  7. Not quite sure it classifies as a toy camera, but I'd say my Horizon 202.

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