Favorite Photo 2020

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  1. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    10-127_1703 - TONY1171 - FFL 17-03.jpg

    Last photo prior to lockdown #1.

    Life goes on.
  2. There's a big gap from the end of February to mid-August in which I didn't touch my Nikons or the Sony - this one is certainly among my favorites for the year:
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  3. I missed most the owl activity this year because nesting location was closed because of COVID. DSC_2398.jpg
  4. 94AAD9AE-10D4-459D-B58D-B6E5679536F7.jpeg Narrowed down to this one of eight...
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  5. Fishing at Sunrise
    Lake Michigan, off Port Washington, WI
    Panasonic FZ1000 P1000897 (1).jpeg
  6. 816195F1-7930-4FEC-85F1-60DCCF2E55EF.jpeg
    girly night out
  7. January 2020
    0004a Personaje Comic Spiderman-Leica C.jpg Leica C
  8. A favoured photo because having been taken fifteen feet from the backdoor, it shows all is not lost in lockdown.
    GlisteningInkcap_F5914-646  (1 of 1).jpg

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