Favorite online retailers for used MF?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by g_guhan_gunaratnam|2, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. I was wondering which your favorite online retailers were for MF
    equipment, in particular Rollei's. TIA
  2. It seems that KEH is mentioned on photo.net positively, especially for their "bargain" level cameras. They seem to be viewed as being closer to excellent than bargain.
  3. I've a good experiences buying used Hasselblad equipment from KEH.
  4. How many people have commented about the KEH "bargain" rating being closer to excellent? When I posted this message, KEH was the site I'd been visiting. But I'm very anal about my equipment. I use my stuff religiously, but maybe its because I'm not a pro that I manage to keep most of my stuff in good shape. As such, I have been looking for Excellent, or above ratings on KEH. But If I can get a bargain one...it would be great.

    So does this mean the Excellent ones are near mint?
  5. I think that KEH is scrupulous with applying their own rating standard. Often
    the only difference between an "excellent' and a bargain lens is the absence
    of caps and a little brassing. Downrating also gives an outlet for selling off
    inventory without having to cut the price, and no one ever complains that the
    lens they got was in better condition than described.
  6. Another vote for KEH; in my experience over several years their ratings are very
  7. Bargain grade at KEH may mean missing items; that may or may not bug you; or it maybe fully there; but appear used. Here I got a 200mm F3.5 Tamron in Nikon mount; with a missing AI prong. One time I got a bargain grade Nikon F body; it requires an extra "push" at the end of the wind; to cock the shutter. Another bargain body long ago had a broken self timer. I have bought from KEH for may decades; with an overall good success. My less than good experiences were years ago; all with their "bargain" grade rated equipment. Today I always call and ask them what is missing; degraded; etc; to rate the equipement "bargain grade". Then there is no surprises; and returns required. Long ago they had a retail store in Atlanta; where one could inspect and buy items on the spot. They also once had a sister store in Dallas.
  8. I can't believe nobody mentioned Midwest Photo Exchange. I 've purchased many large and medium format items from them, always excellent.
  9. Every time I do business with these guys, I am blown away by the level of courtesy and care with which they appear to treat everyone. And they are very competitive.
  10. One more vote for Midwest Photo. Very fair and knowledgeable.
  11. I've had the best experiences with them, as well as positive dealings with B&H, and
    Koh's. I'd deal with Adorama only if i could handle the goods in person.
  12. I looked all around for Rollei stuff, and Ctrades.com had the best
    prices. So far I'm happy with his service and prices.

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