Favorite OM: 1/1n, 2/2n, 2sp, or?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by tomspielman, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. I love my 2n, but the 1n is the kind of camera you tan take into the Ookabolaponganese jungle, and it will just work. The little motor drives are cute, too.
  2. When I first started to look at the OM series, it seemed like the 2n was the common recommendation. Excellent AE for the time, didn't need mercury batteries, more reliable than the 2sp or 4, and not as ridiculously expensive as the 3's and 4Ti's.

    But the 1's definitely have a following. Nice collector camera. If you don't mind doing a little work on them, you can find them cheap. Good, working versions are out there and will cost you a bit more, but still reasonable. I might have to keep one.

    As a way to divest myself of un-needed camera equipment, moving to Olympus has not really panned out. I've since purchased an XZ-2 along with several OM's. The sensor on the XZ-2 is quite outdated already, but my goodness that camera packs a lot of features and still takes great pics.
  3. I haven't owned any Olympus cameras before today, having only used a Pen FT in the late 60's-early 70's. I wasn't a huge fan of the half-frame, and I liked Nikon and Pentax a lot more.

    A local dealer has had a boxed OM-2n, along with a boxed 50mm f/1.8 lens listed on eBay. It sat for a couple of weeks, but today I decided that it needed a new home. It's an amazingly compact body, and the only "hiccup" for me, is the shutter speed dial on the front of the body, a la Nikkormat.

    I'll put some Portra 400, or Velvia through it this weekend, and see how it does.

    I'm very impressed with the fit and finish, and the fact that Olympus crammed a lot into a little space.

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