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  1. Out all the Nikon cameras I own, my favorite is my FM3A, it's really easy to use and takes great shots. My favorite Nikon digital camera (not my most expensive) is my D70, I've had so much fun with it.
    Your thoughts...
    -Dusty Boot
  2. F3HP, without a doubt - basic, tough, just the right size
    F4S - very competent (good) - very big (not so good)
    F2/DE-1 - I love this camera, and I think it's be the best looking SLR ever, but it's almost too good to take out
  3. By far my Nikon F2. I actually have four of them -- the one I saved my pennies for when I was 15 years old, and three others acquired later. I also various prisms/meters motors etc. They're built like a locomotive and there are no sissy frills like autofocus or fancy metering. Just a real camera for real photographers. :)
  4. My favorite is the one I'm using at the moment! (Just happens to be a D90 right now and for the next year or two...after that???). As soon as I can locate an FM2n that will be my favorite film model--all mechanical except a batt for the light meter.
  5. The mighty F, of which I have three, is a sentimental favorite, still used regularly, but has been edged out, just by a hair, by the F3HP.
  6. F4 with MB-20 - except for the AF.
    D200 - wish they hadn't changed the button layout for the D300.
  7. I like the look'n feel of FM3A, the size, weight & ergonomics of F100 and the pics resulted from D700.
  8. Love the F-5. but will always have a soft spot for the FA.
  9. - F3HP wonderful piece of equipment that is an absolute joy to use
    - Nikkormat - Highly dependable that seems to go on forever
  10. Among 35mm film Nikon SLRs, another vote for the F3HP. Despite the few quirks it simply feels right and works well.
    Among Nikon dSLRs, dunno. I'm still using the D2H and like it, other than the bulk and weight. Of the more compact Nikon dSLRs I've tried I was most impressed with the D90. Haven't tried the D7000 yet but I'm betting I'd like it.
  11. F2AS with MD-2 motor-drive.
    Best regards,
  12. F2 non-metered - still have it and use it with several lenses - wonderful camera
    F3HP - love it - no longer have it
    - Leigh
  13. The F100.
    It can use all my manual focus lenses (once I had them AI'ed) as well as all the new auto full frame lenses. As my eyes get older (and I get lazier) , auto focus is very helpful. Coupled with the SB-28 Speedlight, flash is "magic" compared to my older FTn and Vivitar 285 - especially fill flash.
    When I finally break down and purchase my first DSLR, I am sure I will like the Dxxx, just as well.
  14. I'm relatively new to Nikon, so it's the D2X. Hopefully the D3X will be my favourite in the future.
    I like the idea of the F or F3HP.
  15. F100. D300 is a close digital match for the F100.
  16. Nikon F6 and FM3a. Both in their own right and for different applications. If Nikon ever got wise enough to put the functionality of the D700 into the FM3a form factor, I'd buy it at any cost!
  17. still in love with the d300s, but i've been cheating with her big sister, the d3s. can you blame me?
  18. D700 as well, but I have only used the d90 to compare it to.
  19. I have and still used my fm2n F4s F5 D300 D700
  20. F3/T. It's the only one I own, but I've used an FG, D80 and a D90.
  21. Quick answer: all of them :)
    Real answer:
    Favorite manual focus: F3HP. The feel is perfect and it's got enough features, all laid out just right.
    Favorite modern: F100. The size is like it was molded to my hand.
    Favorite digital: D90. I'd say D700 if I owned one, but I'm holding out and saving up for the next version.
  22. SCL


    I'll jump into the fray. My favorite manual focus film one is the F3HP, favorite AF is the D300. The F100 is a wonderful camera for film/AF fans. Lastly my EM is so light I just toss it in the car when I'm out and about.
  23. Film camera: F4: Beautiful ergonomic, design
    Digital camera: D700
  24. I'm going to go in a different direction. I vote for the FG-20, since it was the first camera I ever owned. I got it when I was 6 :) Technically my father bought it for my mother, but she wasn't interested in learning how to use it and I was. And that was the camera I used, until about halfway through college.
  25. Eric, I'm so envious of your D3s. I'd love to have that camera. But I don't shoot for money so no way to justify such an expensive and specialized tool.
    For me I cut my teeth on the Nikon F, and was given an FE2 for high school graduation. But while shooting with my FE2 I always dreamed of the F3. Now I own a nice F3HP and as a glasses-wearer, it has a wonderful bright viewfinder that is a true joy to use. My F100 is a close runner up but the F3HP is a real jewel in the Nikon stable. If I could have a digital F3HP, or F100, I'd be one very happy guy. Maybe someday.
  26. Film - F3HP
    Consumer DSLR - D70s
    Currently Used most: D700 - and better than both above.
  27. I'm fairly new to the world of Nikon cameras and generally shoot Canon, but lately most of my film shooting has been with an F100. I simply love this camera and not only is it my favorite Nikon, it's one of my favorite camera period-film or digital. The F3HP is a close second as a favorite Nikon.
  28. F3HP; now D700. Waiting on the high megapixel D700 type. 22 megapixl will do.
  29. My Nikon F2 DP-1 is my favorite camera.
  30. my next one ... which is unfortunately true. Of the ones I've used in the past, for film, the sureness in feel and reliability of my F5s' and in digital the D700 - to me just a nicer camera to deal with than the D3x.
  31. Nikon F2. I have two of them: an original Photomic and the slightly later F2S, which replaces the meter needle with LEDs. I also really like my Nikon F with its unmetered pentaprism finder. My only non-pro Nikon at this point is my FE, which is also my only AI body. Very nice camera; I actually prefer its two-needle meter display to all others, but you can't see it in low light.
  32. FE2

    Light, tough, cheap as dirt nowadays.
  33. Funny that most people shoot digital but their favorite cameras are film :)
  34. I was taught to love the one you're with. I love my D300. It's served from the Arctic Sea to Malawi, Africa, and from Iceland to the dessert Southwest. It has helped me capture the whatever world I'm exploring and is dependable as a best friend. We've been a great team.
    That said, I can't wait to adopt a new best friend...D400?
  35. I'm going to go with my Nikomat FTn. It's a new addition, but I love the feel of it and the simplicity. There's just something about the mechanical feel of metal and glass. And it only cost me $9, to boot.
  36. Looks like the winner and all time best Nikon is the F3, with the D700 and F100 tied for second.
  37. the Nikon F100 and D700 seem to be the perfect balance of form and function. both are lightning fast, accurate and best-of-breed. the ability to add or remove vertical grips really make these better than their full-body counterparts, in my opinion. they perform just as well as the F5 and D3_.
  38. I have owned the FE2 and I liked it a great deal but it kept breaking so I sold it off as a broken camera, I was given a N80 and I like that also for how light it was. I gave it to me son because he wanted a camera and now I have a F100 which I am going to shoot from now on. I have only owned 1 digital camera in my life and I still have it. It's a D200 and I think it is a nice camera. I am going to Boston in June and I will take the D200 because I do not want the hassle of film in an airport.
  39. My 1958 Nikon S-2 RFDR with 50mm f1.4 Nikkor and my Nikon F from 1959 with "tick marked" 5cm f2 Nikkor S (seven element).
  40. Paul, those are awesome.
    My first Nikon was a '51 S with 50/1.4. It was a user I bought 1969. Gave me many years of faithful service and was the one that got me into photography.
  41. f6... when i got one i was floored by how refined and precise it is. it's just heavy. but i love how i can just stick any nikkor on it (ai and later). with the split image screen it's wonderful. the viewfinder is so bright too.
    d700/d3/d300/d7000's AF systems - af sensors everywhere is sweet. put this AF system (or the d4's) in the F7 please.
    fm3a - like the wonderful no-frills-just-shoot FE, but with better ergonomics! i wish it had matrix/spot meter. illuminated finder for night would be good too.
    f3hp - smooth as silk film advance. smoothest i've ever felt, no resistance at all (sometimes bad since i wonder, is my film advancing??).
    n80 - an f6 for AF lenses only, but way lighter. very quiet shutter.
    fg - smallest form factor nikon, P mode, TTL flash, huge viewfinder.
    fa - matrix meter, pasm modes for mf nikkors, i like how it looks too.
    d40 - my first dslr, and 1/500 flash sync woohoo!
  42. D3S
    It is the single best piece of electronic equipment i have ever used.
  43. Nikon d50 - absolutely best photo camera in terms of grip. Nothing suits better my palm( i completely do not understand Canon users).
    But lately : D700 - i have no excuse for my bad pictures now.
  44. F100 and D700 both for different reasons. F100 for unparalleled ergonomics. D700 for opening a completely new
    world for me.
  45. All of them!
    I have every film SLR I want except the the F6, and I have the digital D70, 90, 200, and 300. In the last two months, I have taken advantage of the plunge in film camera prices to acquire an F5, F90s, and F80. If I had to get down to just one, I think I would choose the F100. I was chatting with a salesman at a camera shop recently, and he told me that he would ask potential customers to just hold the F100 in their hands and that would clinch the sale. I can see why.
    Among the digitals, the D90 is amazing but I like the D300's ability to meter with manual lenses. The D300 is far more camera than I am photographer and I don't know whether I will go further, but if I win the LOTTO, I would consider a D700. I am trying to avoid the syndrome of buying the latest and greatest every 6 months and I am trying to keep in mind that my favorite shotgun is the Browning auto-5, which had a production run of 1903-1998.
  46. As soon as you're all finished quarreling about your fancy gadgets, I'll load up my FM2n and get back to shooting... now that I've sold the olympus 35rc...
  47. Film: FM3a; Digital D700; dream, the latters innards in the FM3a body, as someone said above. But.......
  48. For me, the F2AS, FE, F3HP and F5. Now? The D90.
  49. Probably the F5, but haven't been shooting with it as much as I would like since I bought nice used FE.
  50. I have had 3 Nikons over the years. Many moons back my 1st was a Nikon FE. I actually still have it but it resides in my Sisters house as her daughter may want to use it. From there it was NO camera for a long time, then the digital age came along and I had like a lot of people a cheap P & S .... hated it(not a Nikon), so when the D40 hit the market I knew it was for me. Grabbed it and started shooting and hopefully learning. It allowed me to get back into photography. This was the perfect camera for me as being retired my finances were such I couldn't afford to just print everything that came out of the camera. I had that for a year or more and then the D90 came along. I studied all the specs, read everything I could get my hands on about it and jumped on it as soon as I had saved enough money to purchase it.
    So to me I really have 2 favorites, one never forgets their first now do they and the D90. It gives me everything that I need. I can imagine that the D3 or D700 are better cameras but doesn't matter, I can afford this D90 so I just love it.
    I love the controls and all the technically things about it.I love the feeling of it in my hands. I love the power it gives me to take photos like I have never taken before. I love that it is as rugged as I need it to be. I love the fact that I love it.
    I truthfully hope that when it comes time for my D90 to retire that Nikon has another baby just waiting for me in this level category ..... I am sure that they will.
    All summed up I love my Nikon D90
    phil b
    benton, ky
  51. I love the way the F3HP handles. I'd buy one, except I no longer can stand film.
    That said, I liked the way my Pentax MX handled and behaved better than any other camera I've ever shot.
  52. D2h but sadly it doesn't get much use these days.
  53. I used an FE2 for over a decade in a Nexus housing underwater...absolutely loved it. Currently a D300 above the water.
  54. mtk


    D90 backed up by an FM, FE and an F100. Apparently I am really worried about my 90 crashing....ha ha ha
  55. When I worked at a newspaper in California we issued F3P cameras when they became available. I always remember being in Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo and the salesman being befuddled by the fact I had a hotshoe on my F3. He thought I'd glued it on. I had to put a flash on and show him that indeed it worked. I always liked my F3P cameras and was sorry to give them up when I left the paper. At the time of my leaving the F4 was out but I never really favored that camera. I eventually bought an F5. I still have two of my original Nikon F cameras - one with an F36 motordrive. Both cameras in black. My last S2 got traded to Helix in Chicago for an extra M2 I needed. My favorite Nikon? Probably whatever I'm currently using. I suppose the Nikon F would be at the top if I had to choose one just for the nostalgia and that it seems like such a "pure" camera.
  56. Nikon F2 titanium – not just my favorite Nikon camera but also my favorite camera – film or digital. I had two but sold them for a nice profit when collectors drove the price so high that I was afraid I would devalue them if used.
    Nikon F2 with non-metered DE-1 viewfinder – favorite Nikon film camera that I am still using (love its battery independence)
    Nikon F4 – favorite Nikon battery-dependent Nikon film camera
    Fuji S5 (Fuji modified Nikon D200)– favorite “Nikon” digital camera
  57. Huhh! A dedicated NIKON user! . . . How to start?
    Film? My Nikon FA with the MD-15, ( it is a most beautifully sculptured and technically advanced , ahead of time camera ever!) and the Nikon MF3a with the MD-12. But, I love them so mach, I hardly using them. Rather go out with a couple roll of Tri-X 400 ( or a Velvia) loaded to the FM-2 or FE-2. ( I have most of the models from an "F" to "F3") If I go to dangerous places, I carry my heavy gun, the Nikkormat, (3 of them) and I can defend myself, clubbing down the enemy with it, and still to continuo photograph with it.
    Please forgive me, you Nikon user, but a real gem for me is the Olympus OM1 &2 with the Motor Winder. (Inherited 3 of them) It is absolutely beautiful and sexy camera. And the lenses are super.
    Digital? The D700. For church and family events, the D40, with the kit lens, 18-55, supper sharp.
  58. Typo; corrected, Nikon FM3a.
  59. Nikon D3100 thats all I have so far for digital, the IQ is really great. Film camera my F5 @ F100 were really nice. I wish i kept them.
  60. Favorite film Nikon would be my N90s (all three of them). One AF sensor was all I needed for shooting horse shows, and such. After that, would me my Nikon FA. It's just a wonderful MF Camera. Seriously considering trying an FE. Digital Nikons ... I don't know. Don't have much experience with them ... yet.
  61. Film models: can't decide between the F with the FTn finder and the F4. Both are nearly indestructible. Shot more film with an F than any other 35mm camera but the F4 feels like it was milled out of s steel billet.
  62. My F3HP with motor and 50-135mm 3.5 Nikkor before I killed it years ago, then my N90 with 50mm 1.4 AF-D. I am very pleased with current pair of D200s, we'll see if they become "favorites", but they have been excellent to the point I have no rush to switch.
  63. My F2's and motordrives are still my favorites. This one is vintage 1975. It has been meticulously maintained and is in flawless mechanical shape!
  64. F3HP, I have carried one in my backpack at least once a week for more than 10 years, winter and summer, always worked. From a sophisticated camera in the eighties it has now joined the "just enough" trend.
  65. I'll just let the camera speak for itself!
  66. F2A - I like cameras with 100% finders and light meters with moving needles rather than lights, except on the rare occasions when I am shooting in a dark auditorium and I use a D200 then anyway.
  67. My favorite filmer, my old FE2, digital, D700.....
  68. D700 and, in a somewhat close second, F5.
  69. My sentimental favorite has to be my first Nikon F -- like the one pictured. It was dependable and rugged as a truck. I had an assignment once that put me in high performance aircraft at very high sustained Gs. My motor driven Nikons would turn on, but in the high G environment would not turn off and rip the film right off the spool. The manual Nikon F was great. Worked consistently right through 7 Gs (though I had a bit of a problem).
    From a standpoint of capability to product an incredible image, my current Nikon -- the D7000 stands head and shoulders above others I have owned and I think may be the state of the art for a DX format camera.
  70. mtk


    I know this isn't a contest and meant to be totally fun but is anyone keeping score of which one is tending to be a favorite? LOL?
  71. I know this isn't a contest and meant to be totally fun but is anyone keeping score of which one is tending to be a favorite? LOL?​
    Very roughly:
    F3HP: 12
    F100: 8
    D700: 8
    F2: 8
    FM3a: 6
    F: 5
    F5: 5 (including 1 from me)
    F4: 4
    D90: 4
    D200: 3
    D300: 3
    FE2: 3
    FA: 3
    FM2n: 2
    D3s: 1
    D2x: 1
    D2h: 1
    D70: 1
    FG-20: 1
    D3100: 1
    S2: 1
    D7000: 1
    F90x: 1
  72. I got my three favorites: FM2, F2A, D300
    The sound of the F2 shutter is enough to make you drool..
  73. NIkon F3HP, rugged small with excellent Ai-S & Zeiss lenses
    Nikon S2 w/50mm F1.4, which is a Sonnar lens
  74. "The manual Nikon F was great. Worked consistently right through 7 Gs"
    John, could you tell us what you were doing with this camera at 7Gs? Taking off for the moon? Space Mountain?​
  75. My favorite is the one I don't own but bought for someone else: the FM2. The feel and weight seemed perfect. I have an F3HP that takes wonderful shots (it's probably the old 43-86 zoom I use), but I've never been crazy about the feel of the camera - - and the meter freezes in cold weather. Lastly, I have one of the late Nikkormats (an FT3); I purchased it in a gigantic thrift store that sells mostly clothes. It came with a pristine f2 Nikkor lens and its meter is pretty much dead, but it's a lovely thing and it was a steal: $59.
  76. F6 (with SPUR DSX, TMY-400, Tri-X, Fuji Superia 1600 or Ektar inside)
  77. Since this question apparantly touches all the right nerves and vibes of the photo.net Nikon 'community', I'll chime in to strengthen the feeling of nostalgia and hope that surrounds the thread.
    F3/T (=HP) is the 'survivor' in terms of being my favourite. It surpassed the F801 and the F4 and the Nikkormats that I own(ed).
    And - as I have repeated several times now already in different fora - the D200 made for a 'soft landing' into the digital world of photography. With very intuitive quality and controls, it rather was my 'Digital F801'. But it is not going to be my favourite - I am waiting for the F3 successor in my hands. And that should be full-frame - one thing I learned: 24x36mm format is ideal for me.
  78. Nikon F, standard prism. My dad purchased it for me in Japan in the early 70's. Since then I've accumulated a number of Nippon Kogaku lenses.
  79. S3 series and FM3A
  80. Film -- F4, with the MB-20. Digital, D700. The D700 feels like a digital F4 to me. Same sized body, same incredible combination of flexibility and capability.
  81. Film, my old F2AS with MD - which disappeared in a burglary in 1986 - still miss it, Digital - D3.
  82. Late to the party, add another vote for the F4s.
  83. Another vote for a Nikkormat. A fabulous camera that never got the respect that it deserved. I made my living with one during the '70s.
    Now I love my equally humble D70. I bought two of them new and and I'm still delighted with them. Megapixels are over-rated.
  84. D300 and D4 when it comes out.
  85. Seems everyone is scrambling to find a rare bird so I´ll add one : Nikomat ELW with winder. Used it a lot in the late 70´s and early eighties.
    Seriously though, chosen from film cameras I´ve used: probably the F- 801, though most used were an F4S and F-100. A FM2/T was nice too for low weight and compactness.
    Digitally the D700, wonderful still camera.
  86. F, FM and FA. Digital, I would say d700, even if I don't own it. I know I'm going to disappoint someone out there, but digital has no personality: I rather prefer scanned film, even if it is far less practical. It is also more time-consuming, but we have many foolest ways to spend our time, so...

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