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  1. OK, it's like asking which of your kids you love the most. Still, I thought it would be interesting to see the cameras that people on this forum really like the most, warts and all.
    I've got a lot of 'favorite' film cameras. I love the Canon EOS 3, the Canon T90, my Nikon F and F2, ... At the time these were new, I didn't care to spend as much money as these used to cost. Happy that I can afford them now, the way things are.
    However, in the secret recesses of my heart, one camera always served me well, and was the center of my shooting for more than 20 years: The Nikkormat EL.
    Please tell us about your secret favorite modern film camera and give us some camera P O R N too. All those other sites have their Nikon or Canon day, etc.-- surely we can come up with enough pictures of cameras to make up a sort of "Modern Film Cameras whateverday"
  2. My initial reaction when reading your question was - this is easy - Nikon F4 (with the small MB-20 battery grip). But that was then - when I still used manual focus. Buying my first digital camera in 2004 introduced me into the AF era - and with it came the F5 - which by today standards is an AF dinosaur. And heavy - so cue the F100.
    The cameras I use nowadays when I occasionally shoot film don't fit into this forum - the only one remaining in my bag that does - and the one I wished I had used more (instead of two FM2 bodies) and got to know better is my Nikon F3 which turns 30 this year. I replaced the original DE-2 viewfinder with a DE-3 (HP) finder some dozen years ago. Highly unlikely I will ever run another film through it.
  3. Ouch! Too many loves to have a favourite. Long-term use, Pentax MX and LX. Also Olympus OM2N. For sheer pride of ownership, Contax RTS II and those lovely lenses. As for Nikkormats, I had an FT3, but at the time needed cash and had to choose between selling that or the MX. The head beat the heart on that one.
  4. I'd like to say my F3HP - but if I had to choose just one modern camera to keep, it'd be my RZ-67 Pro II.
  5. I do not have many to choose from. I like my OM2N, Nikkormat FTn and my only autofocus N8008s. But somehow I am more attracted to my F3HP. Great camera
  6. Pentax 67II.
  7. My Olympus OM-1.
  8. FM3A.
  9. I have no auto-focus cameras and the newer MF 35mm,, with auto exposure
    and oneled match pointer ( guess not really THAT modern_
    are used less than older cameras that I think are less fuss to use.
    This does not count the box of plastickey wonders that I sometimes use.
    I usually wonder if I am using a modern camera "is it really working"
  10. XD-11. This camera is so good looking it models when I'm trying out lenses. Here it is showing off a 58mm f/1.2 MC Rokkor for a Vivitar 135mm f/2.8. Shoots well too.
    BTW, JDM, nice lens collection you've got going there!
  11. So hard to choose. The film cameras that get any use when I have the time (in order of preference):Nikon F3HP, F2 Photomic, Olympus OM-4T, Nikon F4S.
    I have an original ('71) Canon F-1 with 4 SSC primes, but I have yet to put some film through it - what a waste.
  12. I think I have to go with the Canon EOS 3, though my Canon A-1 has seen more use over the years and is a testament to the abuse a camera can withstand.
  13. Being that I got into Nikon SLR photography in the AF era, I'd say the F100 is my favorite. I have most every worthy Nikon AF camera and try to cycle through them and always like when the F100 is next up for an outing.
    I have a Nikon F5, but the F4s is 2nd to the F100.
  14. I've always loved my Canon EF, although I ultimately ended up mostly a Nikon shooter. But I wonder what the definition of "modern" is. Because my all time favorite 35mm film camera, and the one I use most (even over my Leica's), is a Zeiss Ikon Contessa.
  15. I tended to go for smaller SLR's so based on what used most... the Pentax MX and the Nikon FE2. Both relatively small but chunky. The Pentax was manual and the FE2 had (wow!) aperture priority auto. Probably if I had an OM1 or OM2 it would have made the list too. Larger cameras such as the Pentax K1000, Canons or the Nikkormats and F series always seemed too big. So...small but chunky is my choice.
    For non-SLR the Original Olympus Trip 35 was nice too along with the 35RC and 35RD.
  16. Nikon F3 , a great , great camera , and Olympus Stylus Epic , the best compact I've ever found
  17. My favorites vary
  18. My personal favorites vary too - but in the category "modern 35mm film cameras with built-in lightmeter" the Leicaflex SL always wins.
    Nikon F5 and Konica Hexar are my favorites in the „really modern film cameras” category (dead without batteries).
  19. Hello again. I've been out of communication for a week and a half owing to a nasty bike crash and some brain banging, vision impairment, etc. but now I'mhalf back at least...
    on this question, it's a toosup because my favorite all around camera is a film classic, the Nion F3, so that might get my vote. But close behind it are the original f, still a working sample, and the dark horse, the Minolta x-700, a close contender for "great carrying" camera for general use.
  20. Oh jeez Matt, that's awful. Get well quick.
    My long-time favorite, the T90, still ranks very high on the list. It's the only camera on my 'favorites' list that I bought new. EOS RT, EOS 1V and Contax RX are the others; these four are the cameras I use most, as well as being a joy to use. Others in that category include the XD-11, RTS-III, and the Nikon F4.
    Some lovely photos here. I'll have to see what I can do to contribute, though I have never been very adept at product photography.
  21. My favorite among the ones I own would be the F100 with AF lenses, and the F4 with MF. I wish I still had my OM-3, though. Wonderful camera.
  22. My personal favorites vary too - but in the category "modern 35mm film cameras with built-in lightmeter" the Leicaflex SL always wins.​

    Perhaps the definition of "Modern Film Camera" is one whose light meter still works. That eliminates a lot of my collection<g>.
  23. SCL


    I can't decide....it changes week to week depending on which camera I have film in. I know..pretty weak excuse
  24. Contax 137MA and a Pentax Spottie
  25. Modern? Pentax ME Super.
  26. No secrets here, JDM. My favourites are all Canons: F-1N, T90, and EOS 1V.
  27. Turns ANY lens you can fit to it, into an AutoFocus lens...
    A simply stunning design.
  28. No contest for me. My favorite camera ever is my EOS 1v seen here with all of its bumps, scratches, and bruises, most of which came from climbing over rocks at Yosemite a few years ago. I don't use it nearly as much as my 7D (which is a very close 2nd!), but I still use it quite a bit. As far as cameras with a lot of sentimental value, the EOS A2 is near the top of that list. It was my first AF slr and that camera went to the other side of the world with me and back; its first 'big' trip was a 3-week trip to Indonesia where it performed perfectly. Other faves are the Nikon F100 and the F3HP.
  29. Pre AF my F3 HP. Post AF My F100.
  30. Nikon F4, sometimes the F90X
  31. This outfit is for outdoor fill-in flash pics.
    The camera is a Canon 1000FN (Rebel S11),the flash a Canon Speedlite 300 EZ and the lens a Sigma 90mm f2.8.I bent the bracket to put the flash where it makes no side shadows.It works with the off camera cord from my DSLR.
    Just set aperture priority f2.8 and away it goes, the rest is auto.
  32. Missed the 10 minute bell for editing.
    Should mention that if want to always shoot at f2.8 will need a neutral density filter outdoors.
    I use an 8x or 3 stop ND.
  33. These days I grab my nikon f100 on the way out the door. Intuitive, easy to use. Autofocus capability.
  34. My favorite is the FM3A followed closely by my F4.
  35. Rangefinder: Leica M6 SLR: Nikon F3HP Camera Mostly Likely to Abuse & NOT Worry: Nikons V
  36. I think that the Nikon 8008S is the zenith of film camera technology. But only as a manual focusing camera. Its metering and flash features were a giant leap for mankind. Add a built in MD, power rewind, ruggedness and reliability, and runs on AA batts. And in my opinion this was the "best" 35mm SLR film camera ever devised by man.
    As an aside. I was dedicated Nikkormat user starting in the late 60's. The EL cameras freaked us out to the core when they were released. Too much to go wrong etc. Who knew 40 years later most still work fine?
  37. The F100 is a real good camera and the only film camera I own. I have no complaints about it at all. Seems to do everything very well to me.
  38. RF- Contax G2, SLR-Nikon F3HP-T
  39. No doubt about it: Nikon FM3A. It's like a fine swiss watch.
  40. Maxxum 9 with 100 macro lens. Bronica GS-1 with 65mm lens.
    • For AF: Maxxum 9xi
    • Modern manual focus: Minolta XD5
    • Medium format: Fujica GS645S
  41. RF - Contax G2
    SRL - Nikon F100
    MF - Fuji GA645

    Very easy to use, but very performing.
  42. My well worn, well loved F3HP.
  43. [​IMG]
    My Nikon F6 - hasn't failed me.
  44. Since I have only one "modern" film camera, it has to be the EOS 650. It looks and works like the day it came out of the box. I have a dozen other film cameras but if I can't afford to take a chance, it is the 650 that I take along. I am sure JDM would concur!
  45. In the end it's my F3.
  46. My Bronica ETRSi I use most days. Nikon F4s or FE2 when I want to travel light.
    Heaps of Velvia or Tri-X.
    Keeping it traditional - Awesome.
  47. Leica R8, operation of this thing is perfect, don't ever have to bring it down from the eye.
  48. Nikon FE2 has got to be my favorite. I like the size and the fact that you can use AE and Manual.
  49. Canon T90. The finest of the T series and arguably the best FD mount cameras from Canon. I have two, both used, but in good shape. And the 300TL flash.
  50. Modern? EOS 3. Classic - OM 1. Medium format - RB67 - is it still modern? If not, then Mamiya 645 Super.
    Cheers, Bob
  51. I have a Konica T3n Autoreflex with a 50 f1.7 Hexanon lens. The thing is build like a tank! It was my Dad's camera that he splurged on around 1975 or so...and 37 years on, it's still running. The lens is fantastic and I've picked up a 135mm lens on the cheap along with a 35.
    For day to day though, my Nikon F5 is a part of me!
  52. My most modern film camera is the amazing Olympus Mju-II (Stylus Epic)

    Followed by an OM-PC (ESP metering - manual, aperture priority, or full program). An OM-4T behind that and then an OM-2N.

    From all those my favorite is the OM-2N.
    (Does 1980 qualify as modern?)
  53. Pentax MX and a close second is the OM-1n then the Nikon FE2.
  54. Three weeks ago I identified the nikon f100 as my favorite camera. Recently, however, in an effort to get back to basics, I started
    shooting with a nikon fm3a. For now, I can say I still prefer using the f100 to the fm3a. My reasons: autofocus, viewfinder, ease of
    use--switching exposure modes, selecting aperture and shutter speed, bracketing exposures, dialing in exposure compensation, all
    quicker to do with the f100 than the fm3a. Also, the shutter on the f100 seems to produce less vibration than the shutter on the 3a.
    Perhaps the greater mass of the f100 body absorbs the vibration. Anyhow, it's back to the f100 for me.
  55. Nikon F3HP. I've had the camera for 28 years. I have four other film camera's. After giving the F3 a break for extended periods, I can pick it up and flow with it like its part of me. So I thought, Why? It's the HP viewfinder 100% view, the shutter dial location, the exposure lock location, the build quality, an overall feel. Simplicity in the viewfinder, info is to the point. The shutter release, the smooth winding mechanism. I still run film through it, but I still take it out of the case to look at it. So the F3 has been around for 33 years. Today the buzz is simplicity, finding simplicity. We had it, or have it in a 33 year old camera that continues to kick ass! I don't, and never cared about the hot shoe issue, I'm not a flash fan anyway, and there's other camera's for that, so when I got the F3, I had no illusions what I would use it for. I use it the same today as I did, 28 years ago. Amazing, and a good question for a forum.
  56. I'm pondering: I love the F100 and F3HP and FE. I love the XD11. I love (extra love?) Contax RTSII but have only one lens for it. Cuzza mucho $$$.
    But in the end my first might be my favorite, and not represented on the thread so far: Leica CL. The only thing modern about it is the meter, but that's enough. The design is so good it looks like someone just thought of it. With the 40mm Summicron attached, a dangerously beautiful object and a fabulous camera to use. It's the only light camera I've had that still feels solid and easy to hold still. It's also classic looking with the VC 21mm and the viewfinder for same. I had a picture, but I can't find it.... Good thing Stephen Gandy has so many great photos of it on his Leica CL page: http://www.cameraquest.com/leicacl.htm
  57. For using -- 1. Leica M2 // 2. Contax RTS III // 3. Minolta 600si // 4. Leica CL
    For looking at -- Contarex Bullseye
    And the award for the most ridiculous, pathetic user interface goes to the Contarex Bullseye.
    It's interesting that two cameras, the Contarex Bullseye and the Contax RTS III both use Zeiss lenses (equally superb for their time) yet the RTS III has one of the BEST interfaces for a camera and the Contarex has the worst. Well the Leica M interface is equally GOOD in a slightly different way.
  58. RF: Any Leica
    SLR: Canon F-1, old or new
  59. Nikon FM10. I just bought it for hiking and cycling. It's compact and light and has just basic features. I am having fun shooting it. For shooting when weight does not matter I like my F100. It's solid and a good performer.
  60. I love the F90X. I can't imagine any 35mm camera beating it for all-around usefulness.
  61. it


  62. Cameras are hard to chose for me. I love hem all ;-)
    The Leicaflex SL as a winner for the realy classic reflex camera. In combination with the 50mm f2
    The Nikon F90 as a AF reflex. Combined with the 35mm f2.
    The Ikonta 6x9 is a winner as a medium format rangefinder. Has the lovely Novar Anastigmat 105 f3,5 on top.
    The Rolleiflex for the TLR. All lenses are OK.
    The Leica M2 realy is a winner for the 35mm rangefinder. Combined with the Summicron 50 f2.
  63. Modern ?
    Very difficult to think of most of these favorites as "Modern Film Cameras".
  64. The term „modern” is probably misleading.
    For me a really „modern film camera” is a camera that won't work (is completely dead) without batterie.
    I don't know how cameras like the Nikon FM2, the Leicaflex-series or any other fully mechanical operating camera with built-in-lightmeter should be called.
    Lots of overlappings with other camera-categories and forum-groups here...
    The Mamiya 7 as an example would fit in the „modern film camera”-category as well as in the „Leica and rangefinder”-class or the „medium format”-category.
  65. Bill, round here any camera with a meter is considered minor. On the other hand, Classic Manual or whatever the other forum is, has plenty of chat about F2's and XD-11's and such. So there's some overlap.
  66. * modern. Not minor, modern....
  67. Well, Modern (Moderne?) design came in the 1930's so I guess it all makes sense.
  68. If modern is with a battey to operate, you better write electronic instead of modern.
    A Leica R6 is more recent than a Leicaflex buth I prefere the Leicaflex. A recent Voigtlaender Vito 6x9 rangefinder works the same as a Zeiss Ikonta but I prefere the Ikonta.
    Try one of the list, Zeiss Ikonta, Leicaflex, Nikon F90 and you will feel why.
  69. Just read the definition that is listed at the forum site.
    Partly these are cameras that still take film, but otherwise are similar in function to what is on a modern digital camera.
    Here is the start of the site definition of the forum:
    The name of this forum is "Modern Film Cameras" with the goal that it encompass all electronic AE and/or AF cameras. If it uses film and requires batteries to run, it probably has a home in this forum (and this includes point and shoot cameras). It is important to note that there are existing photo.net forums that cover many of these cameras. [emphasis added, JDM]​
  70. Great thread. Thanks to all who posted images of their favorites. For me it's a toss up. My Nikon F6 is my stated favorite camera. But my Mamiya RZ67 Pro II is right there as well. I like the ergonomics and shoot-ability of the F6 - they are unmatched, making the camera a joy to hold and use. But there's something about the mass, thunk and the image potential of the RZ that invigorates creativity, even though it's less pleasing to hold. I'd rank the F6 as a truly modern film camera, but the RZ as only somewhat modern. Here are my visual offerings:
  71. My favorite film cameras? Leica M6, Konica RF, Konica AF, Zeiss Ikon M, Canon EF, Nikon F3, Pentax LX, Nikon F4, Contax T2.
  72. While I happily use my Leica LTM amd M cameras, the new Mamiya 6 RF camera is a gem. Not as impressive in negative size as my Fujifilm GSW690, but a great compromise between small format and LF quality and a wonderfully thought out and compact device for both people and landscape/architectural type shooting in average to good light.
  73. Since this forum began I have acquired an OM2n. Boy that's an easy camera to love. I am surprised that I prefer it to the OM3 I used to have -- those fussy little LED dots made me have to think too much. The match needle is far easier. Camera handles so very smoothly.
  74. The KING.

  75. I take my three amigos with me most of the time. I carry them and about 4 lenses, my Minolta Syncro Flash, and a couple auto winders. Sometimes I get really modern, and put a Maxxum 7000 or Maxxum 9 in the bag along with my Sony Alpha 100.
  76. It would have to be the Nikon N90s/F90x. Incomparable machine. An F3 on speed.
  77. I am a Nikon D5100, D7000 and am adding a D600 semi-pro shooter. Okay, enough of the new junk - LOL. Here come my all time loves:
    Yashica TL-Electro - no picture - it was stolen back in the 70's
    NIKKORMAT EL - have no picture yet but a big investment in glasses - absolute excellent out of the box black and chrome
    Here it is the the wonderfull kickbutt undisputed champion of all time (in my opinion)
    ******** MINOLTA X700 ********
    See attached photos - i tried to add pics but it's asking for url
  78. I have a D5000, & a D7000, but I still have and love my N8008 with a MF-21 back and SB 22 Speedlight.

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