Favorite MF Filters?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by gateway, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. After ordering a used Yashica Mat LM (w/ Bay 1/Bay 30 hood & lens caps) from KEH today, I began wondering what others are using for medium format filters. The work will be B&W & color negative film and slides.
    Main goal is to shoot the Yashinon + hood w/o filters. Any suggestions or recommendations for occasional use, daylight filters? Also, I've read that some have stepped up from Bay 1 to 49mm or other sizes.
  2. Yes, there's a Bayonet I to 49mm adapter available. I got mine from Adorama in NYC.
    You might look on fleapay for a set of filters, such as yellow, green, orange, deep red and especially a pair of Bayonet I polarizers. Better yet, try to get your hands on a Minolta Autopole, two polarizers that rotate in unison that I THINK fits the Yashica. You may have to google that info.
  3. I would recommend for your B/W landscape to use a Red Filter.
  4. I use stepup rings to 52mm, because my 'good' filters are 52mm. With a 52mm hood on as well, it will interfere with the viewing lens of a TLR, but I work slow and I can live with that.
    My favorite filter for black and white is no filter. In second place is a light yellow-green, like an X0, which lightens foliage and makes people look good. I sometimes use a yellow-orange for landscapes.
  5. Step up to 52mm sounds good and I've seen one for $25 that is out-of-stock at the moment. That will work for some of my Nikon filters-including CPL. And, as Dave mentioned, a standard hood with 52mm filters is precarious.
    I'll consider these: light yellow-green, yellow-orange, and red.
  6. I rarely use anything other than a yellow K2 (Wratten #8 ?).

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