Favorite head/shoulders portrait lens?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mark4583|1, Aug 26, 2021.

  1. I shot some cat portraits yesterday in the garden with my newly acquired 70-200mm 2.8 Fl.

    Background blurring was nice at f2.8 @ 110mm. Much closer and my sitter wouldn't, well, sit!

    +1 for RJ's zoom approach! :)
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  2. Depending on the distance I had to work with, the 50mm f1.2, 85mm f1.4 or 135mm f2, all manual focus AIS versions, are what I'd use on the Df.
  3. Im just curious what others like to use, I also like the 105 -P pre Ai-s and the Ai-s, along with the Zeiss 85mm 1.4 and Nikon 85mm 1.4D and the Z mounts
  4. My old school answer here is, for outdoors the 105/2.5 (mine an early iteration of the "gauss" type) and for indoors, the old 85/1.8, for full frame.

    These days on DX, I stick with either the (usually already on the camera) 16-80, or when I have time the 50/1.4DX.
  5. Not sure I know that one?
  6. Sorry, brain cramp or keyboard cramp or something - meant simply 50/1.4D - the full frame screwdriver one.

    Mine has become very nice since I got a camera that could tune out its considerable back focus.
  7. I stopped doing wedding/portraits a while ago, but before I did I found that I used the AF-S 70-200/2.8 VRII the most, usually around 135mm on a DX body when outside. It was great, always. Inside with less space or light I used the AF DC 105/2 on an FX.
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  8. Portraits . . . To some extent, it depends on purpose, the amount of time that I have to work and the amount of room that I have . . . It starts with the 80-200f2.8. I've had several incarnations over the last 30 years and all were "go to" lenses. After this 85f1.4. I've also had a few of these and they are flawless. Now, I've never owned a 105 or 135mm lens so . . .
  9. On film, as long as I had the space, the 105/2.5.
    If I did not have the space, it would be whatever worked in that space.
    I have not done portraits since moving to APS-C/DX.

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