Favorite Bird Photos

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  1. 1. Snowy Egret

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  2. Bluejay BlueJayz2000Crop 7D 600mm f6.3 1-800 iso100-2188.jpg
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  3. That's a tough one, but here's a slightly different sort of bird in flight

    penguin dive 2.JPG
  4. Think this ostritch preening exercise OstritchPreen.jpg is pretty cute with an extreme arched neck like that.
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  5. hmm... not sure why the text is below the photo and split with the photo in the middle. - And I still have to type over "Write a reply..."
  6. Hummingbird.... DSC_9815.jpg ...Austin, Texas
  7. Hi Mary. Great shot! When I originally posted this thread I included 5 photos along with an introduction. The text and photos spilt so badly I decided to just post the Snowy Egret!

  8. Since we're not limited official to one, i'll throw in another old one. Not photographically perfect, as Miz Frigate is not perfectly sharp, but when I see this one I can't help but think of The Threepenny Opera. Do you see the moon over Soho? pirates in love.jpg
  9. Certainly no limit here. This is a wonderful photo!

  10. Technically and artistically wonderful.

  11. This set especially celebrates the effect side-lighting has on an image, therefore, early morning or late afternoon sunlight works best. All images I post here were taken in the wild, hand-held, and have not been cropped.




  12. taken back in 2008 with a Nikon Coolpix s10 ( a little pocket camera )
    small Feb 9th Geese 12x18 from_template Dec 6th.jpg
  13. Here's another from way back. My mom had a hibiscus that was often frequented by hummingbirds, so I set up to try to bag one out the bathroom window. And, of course, instead of landing in the hibiscus one came to the lilies a distance away, but I managed this one. It dates from 2004 or so, and was taken with a Nikon F, 400/5.6 lens on a short extension tube, and Velvia 100F. hummer.jpg
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  14. Gup

    Gup Gup

    Barred Owl 72dpi sRGB.jpg

    Not technically great, but shot with a short lens at close range while the guy was snoozing. That's always satisfying.
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  15. Gup

    Gup Gup

    owl 4.jpg

    Another Barred Owl caught asleep.
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