fantastic site for digital cameras - must see

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by ahmed_eltohamy, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. wide range of digital cameras, camcorders, photo printers and
    accessories can be found here
  2. Spam.<p>(The website was registered a week ago - and the administrative contact has the same name as you!)
  3. Yes, knowing your long history here on, during which you have told us so many
    wonderfully useful tidbits, I am racing off to see your site!
  4. les


    Yeah, whatever...
  5. Spam SPAM! Oh Spam!
    Please delete (this user 'ahmed') Bob, thanks, Ken
  6. Unsolicited Unpaid Advertising! Hey Bob, how many cpm does this page get? Ban this guy! better yet send him a bill HAHAHA!
  7. No one here will buy anything from his store anyway.
  8. Ahmed, I marked you as a person of interest, oops I meant an interesting person because I am curious to see how long your account lasts on this website.
    Lets see. You just joined today. And now you want us to spend money at this new website that does not even list a legal business in any city, state, or country. Perhaps you would have better luck with the old "Hello Friend" e-mails.

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