Fancy front page: Runs badly?

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by dan_spellman, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    My website:
    I have my first Wordpress with a photography theme that I purchased. As you can see it has a fancy slidey thing for the front page. The thing is, on some computers I access my site from, it works well...but sometimes its slow and choppy. If its commonly slow and choppy for users, I would consider replacing it with the standard thumbnail view that I have on the other galleries...

    Can you please tell me how the performace of the front page works for you?
    Thankyou very much [​IMG]
  2. I tried it and got a "404 Not Found" page.
  3. Ditto, I got a 404 error also
  4. I haven't found it either Daniel.
  5. Me 'four' (vs. 'two' and 'three')...
    To add a little info the 'not found' is coming from your site as it does have "Daniel Spellman" headers, etc.
  6. seems to be the correct link
  7. Well, ran a quick test on the link from Robert, and here is what I have to tell you.
    On the same machine running Chrome and Internet Explorer 8, you get very different results. Chrome is nice and smooth, IE is not. The javascript rendering engine in IE8 and below is often slower and has more complications with DOM animations such as that slide show. I don't have a Windows 7 machine with me to test it in IE9.
  8. The 2nd URL works fine on FF 10.0.2 running on Win7. The site functions fine and has a nice clean look.
  9. Look at the link you sent the URL has a "|" after the last "/" which is why it can't be found. Clicking on home works as does the Website, except that the enlarged images overshadows the navigation bar, (Mac Pro, OS-X 10.7.3 and Safari, FF and Chrome), so the user appears stuck on your home page until you find the space for the other links just outside the top of the image is hyperlinked and work. You need to un-enlarge the image gallery on the home page.
  10. Aah, so sorry about the 404 guys. Thats a spelling error... I thought I changed it actually :/
    Anyway, thanks so much for the feedback everyone. It seems different browsers are the variable that was causing my confusion. The question now is... do I change the frontpage to maximise compatibility, or leave it as is so I have a flashy frontpage?
    Any thoughts? Or is this something Ill just have to decide on a personal basis? XD
  11. Hi Dan,
    It's a little choppy with me, is there a way of slowing down the movement between images? I think that would sort it out. It's the speed of the choppyness that's the main issue for me, kinda hurts your eyes a bit. FWIW I'm on latest firefox&chrome&IE, 64bit Windows 7, 8GB ram, i7.
    Funnily enough, I just checked it on my old android phone. Works about the same, perhaps marginally smoother? Go figure!

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