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  1. I am not sure if I am in the right Forum as I am new to this board
    but I would appreciate any help.

    I am doing GCSE Photography and have taken pictures of Bath for my
    buildings and Landscape board however I need to talk about a famous
    photographer, does anyone know a photographer that used Architecture
    so that I can refer to them.

    Many thanks
  2. Julius Shulman is very famous in that line of work.
    Anyway, all you need is over here:
  3. Ezra Stoller is probably the best known. Others include Eugene Atget, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Paul Caponigro, Yukio Futagawa, Timothy Hursley, Steve Rosenthal, plus many others who are know for other specialties and not primarily architecture.
  4. The late Ezra Stoller is the patron saint of architectural photography as practiced from the 1940s onward for both photographers and architects.

    I say this for many reasons :his aesthetic vision of modern architecture; his level of craft, precision and problem solving; and his business acumen and ethical business practices.



    Five living architectural photographers of significant note: Norman McGrath, Dan Winters, Richard Payne, Robert Polidari, and Timothy Hursley.
  5. I forgot Julius Shuman in Los Angeles.

    Chris Breeze in the UK is quite good too. Contact him through http://www.breezesys.com and say hi from Ellis vener.
  6. I like Fred J. Maroon. Great book called These United States. Also a lot of Washington D.C. architecture. A wizard with a Leica 21mm Super Angulon.

  7. Eric de Mare was best known for his Penguin books on photography, first published in the 1950s I think. He was also an architectural photographer, illustrating books on industrial buildings and bridges.
  8. Morley Baer from the Bay Area of California. His book "Painted Ladies" is filled with fine images of the houses of the San Francisco Bay area. He has a lot of architectural work that is first rate.
  9. Claire,

    Some UK photograhers who feature architecture photography in their work :

    1) Frank Meadow Sutcliffe - worked in Whitby about 1900 - 1920. His photos now evoke a bygone age. Several books of his photos are available.

    2) Edwin Smith - his work is mostly 1940 - 1960 and usually church / cathedral architecture. Again some books available of his work.

    3) Mark Power - alive and well as far as I know - he has done series on such places as the millennium dome etc.

    If you do a google search on these people you will come up with more info and some idea asa to whether they fit your requirements. Good luck with the GCSE's!
  10. I'm doing a Higher photography course in school and as a project I have decided to pick my school as the topic since it is the last year that my school is open. I am thinking of doing something that will make the school look empty and sad, like abandoned. But I also need to write about a famous photographer. Anyone know any photographers I could look at?
  11. saughan, check this out, if its any help now - i may be too late!
  12. saughan, check this out, if its any help now - i may be too late!
  13. sorry i spelt your name wrong, i mean Shonaugh

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