Family and their pet--posing?

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  1. Do you have any examples of portraits with people and their dog? I'm shooting a family (Mom, dad, 7-year old
    daughter) with their bassett hound soon, and would like some brainstorming on posing ideas.
  2. Wistle befor taking the picture and the dog will always watch your way with the right look. ;-))
  3. Gather some nice and smiling comments for the whole family, and they feel good and it will apear on your photo's. Even a single nice joke can help to make the feelings good. Not just befor taking pictures but short after the "nice getting to know you". Think about the setting, housely, modern, clean etc. etc.
    You can use some attributes to brake the lines. F.i. : a family picture, and the youngest has a balloon, doll oslt. ect. Just my two cents.
  4. Yes, go to a toy or joke store and get small noisemakers like clickers, squeakers, etc.

    After a while the dog won't react to your whistle.

    I like to do a slight whine with my throat and nose. This whimper always gets the attention of dogs. They look at me and turn their head to the side. Cute.

    Terry Thomas...
    the photographer
    Atlanta, Georgia USA

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