Fall Color Report for Eastern Sierra...

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  1. Just a note to let people know that I will be posting fall color updates for the Eastern Sierra from south of Bishop to Lee Vining.
    I go out every other day scouting and will post photos and locations. First post was yesterday. Looking forward to this fall season as it might be early.
    You will find the reports at www.onehorsestudio.com/weblog.
    Best Regards,
  2. Your pictures are really incredible!
  3. Thanks a lot Greg. The last two years I was either too early or too late for the peak colors. Bookmarking your site.
  4. A small note on "too early and too late" for eastern Sierra colors...
    While it is possible to miss the good colors due to the timing of your visit, the slightly unpredictable nature of the color change, and unexpected weather conditions it is also possible to find good color for a longer period than you might think if you are willing to move around a bit.
    Some generalizations: Aspen color starts high first and takes weeks to make it all the way down to Owens Valley. If you go to one spot and it seems a bit early, you might try to find a higher elevation alternative. The opposite can be true - if you go high and the trees are leafless or brown/black, try instead shooting down low in some of the sheltered canyons. (One pair of locations is an example - way up on the road to Green Lakes north of highway 120 the trees can peak quite early. Not far away in Lee Vining Canyon the peak may well be weeks later.)
    I saw a couple of aspens with a few yellow leaves last week! I'll do my first real aspen shooting in about a week and a half, and then I'll keep at it through the second weekend of October.
  5. Thanks for the info Greg!
  6. Nice website Greg! I get nostalgiac looking at the beautiful photos of the eastern Sierra, one of my favorite places. -g-
  7. Sorry about not getting back sooner. I've been out and about. Thank you all for your positive feedback. Maybe I'll see some of you out here.
  8. "Sorry about not getting back sooner. I've been out and about."
    Some people just have to rub some salt in the wounds. Living in the Los Angeles area, and having been to the Eastern Sierra a number of times over the years (but not often enough), it's hard to believe that ares is in the same state. Sometimes it's hard to believe same planet. Sigh. Looks like another year that I won't make it for the fall color season.

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