Fake Wista 45?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm new to largeformat photography and looking for a decent camera to start with. I got a offer for a Wista 45. The seller sent me some images of the camera. I never saw a Wista 45 like this one? Is it a cheap copy or very old model?

    Thanks for your advice!
    Here some pictures:
  2. In my opinion I don't think it's fake. It is identical to the original Zone VI camera I have. Originally Zone VI had an arrangement with Wista and Tachihara. Nice lightweight view camera. What is confusing, is that I always thought the original Zone VI camera was a Tachihara. Or are the Tachihara's and Wista the same? I have discovered that in many Japanese products, photo, musical instruments, etc, that there was a lot of manufacture interchangeability( I can't think of another way to describe this.)
  3. From the picture it's clearly a real view camera not a fake view camera. :) Beyond that, it doesn't much matter what brand it is or whether it's "fake" as long as everything works and the price is right. There have been refinements but the basic design of a view camera hasn't changed in around 150 years or so, right back to the beginning of photography. View cameras are not as collectible as say a Leica, so I'm not sure that there's a reason for anybody to be creating as fake Wista like a fake Leica.

    Does this camera come with a lens, or even a lens board? You can pick up a basic view camera and lens for $500 or less so if you're just beginning I wouldn't pay a fortune based on something being "genuine" vs. "fake."
  4. I don't think anyone will mind me directing you to:
    You might have already done this but if not put your question there and I'm sure someone will know exactly what it is.
  5. I do believe that is just the original Wista 45, and they labeled it a Field 45. It had those chrome pieces, rather than brass, and was very very rickety to use. The braces were not very substantial. Fred Picker had Wista redesign the camera with much beefier brass metal parts, and it was the Zone VI model for awhile, but Wista then sold a lot of cameras with that hardware, for years. Mostly that's what you see when you see a Wista for sale, thus the odd look of the chrome original...
  6. Thank you very mutch for your help! I will look for another camera.

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