fake tears..anyone know how to?

Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by missy_schneider, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. hello all!
    I'm sure that we've all seen it: that single (or multiple) tear
    drop(s) hanging from a woman's eyelash. How can i do that?

    I was watching America's Next Top Model (yes, yes..it's my guilty
    pleasure), and there was a shoot where they put one single tear drop
    on the girls eyelashes. when she blinked it would jiggle, but
    wouldn't fall off...i'm boggled. Anyone know how to achieve this?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. clear corn syrup.
  3. Ouch!
    Actors sometimes use glycerin drops.
  4. water drops, eye drops, or, gasp:

  5. Three points to Dana...

    Water evaporates too quickly, corn syrup has so much surface tension it moves very strangely (and I can't stand corn syrup based fake blood). If I need a lot of tears, sterile saline eyewash (any pharmacy, really cheap). Precisely placed drops, glycerin.

    Glycerin is also great for fake drool...
  6. Glycerin. And mixed with cochineal it makes convincing blood.
  7. Chris - how hard is cochineal fake blood to wash off skin. Something most famous for a "fast dye" sounds like it could be a pain to clean up.
  8. I just came across your question - and was looking for the same answer you were asking...
    From what I remember they were using some kind of "menthol tear stick"

    I found a product here that sounds like the same one..


    "Special effect product in lipstick container to produce real tears. Contains menthol and camphor. "

    just thought I would share what I found...

    Also I found this...

    "Q: What�s a tear stick?

    A: It�s basically menthol that you can jab in your eye or blow in your eye. What�s good about it is that for those moments where you don�t want to beat yourself up, it just kind of makes your eyes water a little."


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