Fake Iraq photos, someone here called it!

Discussion in 'News' started by roy|1, May 14, 2004.

  1. A little while ago someone here was saying how he found the abuse pictures (of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi prisoner) fake.
    well I can't find that old thread... but just wanted to let him know he was right!
    U.K. Paper Apologizes for Fake Photos

    Good call.
  2. It's the Daily Mirror, dummy.
  3. Yeah I could see it, the pictures looked oddly staged. Not that they weren't nasty in their own right but they had a certain lack of detail to them - very generic. It was almost as if they were deliberately staged which turned out to be the case.
  4. "It's the Daily Mirror, dummy."
    um... Yeah, but that's not the point...
    I was just saying someone here anaylized the picture, not the source. and they were right to call it fake :) ...
    Very Very intersting link Bill...
  5. It was me that supposed them to be fake. Time for a treason trial in the UK I feel.

    That link is hilarious. Bullet proof vests my arse - they're bullet CARRYING vests. The bloody VC ran around in them!
  6. Fake video tape or not, Nicholas Berg was buried today. The funeral was certainly not faked.
  7. It might be the Daily Miror, but at least its editor had the
    decency to resign for using some photos that were subsequently discredited as fake, while I didn't see anybody in the US
    government resigning after using some information that was
    subsequently discredited as fake. As for Nicholas Berg, of course, he
    was executed, but the circumstances of his death and a number of oddities in the video raise questions which I believe deserve to be well investigated rather than just laughted at.
  8. It's worth noting here the following facts:

    - Piers Morgan (the Mirror's editor) is actually fairly highly regarded as an editor

    - He was sacked due to shareholder pressure after the head of the Queen's Lancashire
    Regiment called for it

    - It's been fairly widely reported that Trinity Mirror's major US shareholders had been
    looking to get rid of him for being anti-war and anti-Bush.

    - the QLR have been, and still are under investigation for abuses of the kind depicted in
    the photos.

    That said, they were odd photos. I don't have the necessary knowledge to declare them
    fakes, and I'm not sure any conclusive evidence that they are has been forthcoming from
    the government.

    So what you have here is a story about politics, not just photographs. The paper's apology
    might be as fabricated as the photos are alleged to be. Would that it was as easy to sack
    everyone who had propagated lies about the war (let alone fabricated them).
  9. Photography and politics are inextricably implicated... sometimes revealing and other times distracting from the point of focus... (Of course, it's not the cards on the table but the power of the cardplayer that matters)... Btw, who knows... maybe one day someone will also sack those odd celebrated politicians who gave us the best of lies (WoMD, etc), but then this might never happen unless someone will publish photos that they do prove it!

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