Fabric thingy has came loose in my 202FA body

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by patrik_ros_n, May 9, 2016.

  1. Hi!

    Got a 202FA for about one month ago, borrowed a friends CF80/2.8 and shot a wedding, 8 rolls in total, to problems, pictures turned out great! Got my lenses a few days after the wedding (110/2.0 F and 50/2.8 F), shot one B&W that turned out great as well, except for one frame that had a diagonal 10mm wide line across the frame. Thought I accidentally had held something in front of the lens so didn't think about it. Shot two rolls of Ektar this weekend and the first roll had this diagonal line across 8 of 12 exposures (frame 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9)... the second roll I shot that weekend was 100% ok though.

    Looked at the body today without lens or back attached, did a 30 sec exposure to be able to look into the camera (not sure how to use the Bulb mode yet hehe), and I found that there are a 10mm strip of fabric on the bottom of the house, in the back end, from the one side to the other. Both sides had came loose and one of the sides more than the other one.

    I assume that this is whats causing the diagonal line, and Im thinking of just using some superglue, to glue it back into place, but just want to check with you guys if you think thats whats causing this for sure? I've got a wedding shoot coming up in two weeks, so if its something more advanced (ive read about a light seal here: http://www.photo.net/mobile/forums/mobile-fetch-msg?msg_id=00dOqd but thats not the same thing I found in my camera...) I really need to get it shipped back for warranty asap... (its a new camera but old stock).

    So what do you think?

  2. Also have this artifact on some shots (shot with the 110/2.0 what I can see), in some shots its really strong and others I just see it lightly. Could it be the same fabric strip causing this?

  3. Looked closer on that fabric strip, and when I touched it I saw that its totally loose, its now outside the camera, and looking at that other thread I linked to it looks like its the same part that has came loose.
    Should I glue it, where? :) Or just leave it

  4. Done some more thinking...

    If I read the other thread right, its a light baffle sitting on top inside the body in the "roof" where the mirror is connected to the body protecting light leaking in from the WLF. It must have came loose on one of the sides, and hanged into the frame, then came lose completely and placed itself on the bottom of the house, nicely aligned though!! :)

    I'll try to shoot a couple of rolls before the wedding in two weeks and then send it in for warranty I think.
  5. This thread in the APUG forum discusses this light baffle that often breaks off on the 200 series bodies:
    Read into the 2nd page for the solutions and explanations.

    Replace it or not, your choice. But keep shooting.
  6. I had a similar baffle come loose on a 503CW I just had a repair guy replace the baffles. I think its something that happens from time to time with classic cameras.
  7. Alright cool, I will keep shooting and shoot the wedding in two weeks, then I will send the camera in for warranty.
  8. Hi Patrik,
    Where are you located?
    If you are located in the USA, then ask for Dennis Grecco, he is the resident 200 series repairman. All 2000/200 series optics are send directly to Sweden for any repairs, as they stock all worldwide parts.
    Hasselblad USA will repair that baffling material. A simple fix,, as it is a part of the light baffling material used to flock the interior of the camera.
    Which shop did you buy i form? Would they still have any NOS?
    If you are using the 110mm F & 50mm 2.8 F, I guess you would use it in Stop-Down mode since it is not a FE model with the electrical contacts.

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