F3P -- Lost base plate screw and push pin

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by arb_inv, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. hi all

    I have lost the small silver insert / screw from the
    bottom of my Nikon F3P. This sits at the opposite
    end to the battery cover. I think it might be called a
    Push Pin. It's silver in color and has a hole in the
    middle. If might also include a screw which holds it
    in. I believe it is same on all F3s.

    Obviously will pay for part and postage.

  2. Have you checked with your local Nikon Spares Department to see if they still hold it?
  3. You are very unlikely to find this as a spare part offered for sale. The only real hope is to contact a camera repairman and ask if he has a broken F3 which he is cannibalising for spares. You may also find a severely damaged F3 offered for spares on eBay. The part you want is very likely to have survived intact even if the rest of the camera was completely smashed.

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