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  1. I have a Nikon F2 that I bought second hand. Nearly 2 out of 3 shots show a
    distinct double image on the right side of the photo. No other body I use
    exhibits this, and it happens with any lens I use. The photos have been taken
    around the 60th to 250th speeds. It is not blur as such, but a clear second
    image. Two technicians have examined it but can see nothing wrong.

    Has anyone else come across this problem?
  2. A scanned example would be helpful. A guess would be an "advance" or a shutter malfunction. Something is hanging up.
  3. Do you see this in the viewfinder?
  4. Shutter bounce. Send it off to Sover Wong, World Expert in F2.
  5. Thanks Christiaan, Sover was one of the two techs who worked on it. He says "the shutter curtains simply cannot go back". Alex, no you can't see it in the viewfinder, the mirror is up while the shutter curtains are travelling. Attached is an example.
  6. This is a hard one. The double image effect seems to get worse towards the right edge of the frame. Can you keep the back open and look through it when making the exposures to see anything unusual? Did the techs have the film available and what did they check for?
  7. David,

    Is the image a scan of the negative or the print? It looks more like a printing issue to me. The only way I can figure the camera would be an issue would be if the lens mount has been seriously whacked but then you would see the right side fuzziness in the viewfinder - I think. I've used some seriously abused Fs, F2s and ELs and haven't seen anything like that.
  8. Oskar, I've tried everything you can imagine like that, there is nothing apparent. Chuck, it's defineately on the negative. This actual roll I started in a Leica M3 to test a 40mm 'cron, then rewound to load into the F2. All the M3 photos were fine. This probem appeared on the first roll I used. I mentioned the problem to Sover Wong when I sent it off for a service. He offered to put a test roll through, and I declined, to save $10. Dumb eh?

    Sometimes, maybe one out of three, the shot is perfectly clear. I have FE FM F3 & F100 bodies and they never give me any trouble.

    I have not tried flash photos (no hotshoe) nor tripod shots. Before i shoot (waste) another roll I want to have a more clear strategy.

    Thanks for your response. Dave Carlisle.
  9. Hi David,

    I'm certain it's not the shutter or shutter bounce, and I don't think it's the lens to film distance either, because some shots are OK. So it must be either camera or film movement during exposure.

    Here's a simple check to see if it is film movement :

    - Open the F2 without any film inside

    - Fire the shutter a few times and see if the sprokets move. It should not moves at all. (Occassionally there may be a VERY slight movement, AFTER the shutter has closed.)

    You can repeat the above with an outdated film loaded.

    Also, check the height of the film pressure plate. It should be about 4.5mm from the base to the top.

    The film is not actually pressed firm in the camera, as there is a small gap to allow it to move freely even with the pressure plate applied. A good practise is the rewind the film tightly every time you've loaded a new film.

    If it is not film movement, then it must be camera movement. Try some test shots with and without the camera mounted on a tripod.

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