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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by marcus2006, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. I just noticed on the first roll of film I put through a used F100 that the spaces
    between the frames is not the same. My other cameras produce reproducible evenly
    spaced frames. Is this any cause for concern? e.g. winder is starting to have
    problems? Any other F100 users notice this?

  2. FWIW, I do not own a F100 but have owned a Nikkormat Ftn, Nikon FM, FM2, FE, FE2, F3, 8008s, N80 etc and have never noticed a problem like this (slight variation here and there but generally very even spaces over the last 30+ years with all the Nikons I've owned). Your situation does not sound normal. Did you buy this from a place with a warranty? If not then hopefully someone else can answer definitively. Good luck!
  3. S.,<br>
    The only time I&#146;ve seen irregular frame spacing was when one
    of my FE2(s) developed a loose take-up sprocket spool, set screw.
    I&#146;ve owned most of Nikon&#146;s better cameras including the
    Nikon F, F2(s), F3, F4, F5, Nikkormat FTn, FT2, FT3, Nikon EL2,
    FE (family member), FM2(s), FE2(s) and FM2n(s). This could be as
    simple as a loose set screw or it could be something more serious.
    Have it checked out.<br>
    Not only should the frame spacing be regular but the sprocket
    holes in the film should not fall between the frames. It&#146;s a
    royal pain to handle film when this happens. I've seen one
    Nikkormat FTn with this problem. It belonged to a customer. This
    is easy to check with negative strips.<br>
    Dave Hartman.

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