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  1. F-1 green - Who knows something about this camera?
    Several years ago I have seen two F-1 green for sale.
  2. It is a special edition made for the US Navy.<br>See this link:<br>http://www.cameraquest.com/nikonmil.htm
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    There was also a limited edition OD green F-1 made for the Japanese home market only that came in a special box if I remember correctly around 2500 were made. These show up once and a great while on ebay and on-line dealers mostly out of Hong Kong or Singapore. They if in the box and near mint comand a quite high price for an F-1. As to the military purchase of these OD green F-1's there has been much debate weather this ever happened since there are hundreds of F-1 labled US NAVY that are STD Black finish. Last year a couple dozen of the black ones with US NAVY were auctioned off by the US government out of the Norfork, VA shipyards. A lot of them ended up on ebay along with a bunch of the lenses that were in the kits.
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    Some corrections to my origional post on this there were 2002 made for the Japanese home market. A correction to the post above mine the Camera Quest site says the OD green F-1's were made for the US Army not the Navy the Navies are Black. BUT Many collectors believe the camera shown on Stephans site is one of the 1978 Japanese cameras incorrectly refered to as a US Army camera. If a check could be made of the date code in the camera on his site it could settle this.
    OK check out this site for a photo of the OD F-1


    There is more disscusion of this here:

  5. @Aki and @Mark,

    many thanks for your very good information on Canon ODF-1.
    I found one at:
    Photo Arsena, Altenfurterstr. 16a, D-90475 Nuernberg, Germany, Tel:+49 911/20 30 03, Fax:+49 911/20 40 33
    Canon_F-1_Olive_Drab_Boxed_w._Case Military
    Near Mint condition, original olive paint Canon F1 with matching Box, case and strap
    No.576737, Condition A

    But the price is 3000.00 EURO without VAT (TAX), EU-buyers must pay add. 16% VAT on catalogue price.

    So my dreams went off...

    Have there ever been green Canon-lenses like those for Leica-R-Safari ( 2,8 - 35, 2,0 - 50, 1,4 - 50, & 4,0 - 180mm) ?

  6. I've never seen olive drab lenses for Canon.
  7. 3,000 EU plus 16% is alot for a green body, I agree. Without the box expect to pay $700 to $1,500 depending on condition. That is if you are LUCKY to find a willing seller. Considering these were only sold in Japan, I'd assume that would be the best place to look. I love my green F-1n! I wouldn't dream of selling it. I think the OliveDrab F-1 the best of all the F-1 special issue: Montreal, Lake Placid and LA. There were no green assessories made for it. Just the special green strap and green soft leather case that originally came with the outfit. According to T.Tanaka the green paint F-1n were made to boost sagging sales of the F-1. This bears out with batch code build data in the months prior to January 1978. Sales then had dropped dramatically. But I am not sure what 2,002 Green bodies would do to boost Canon's bottom line. They were also made on the 45th anniversary of Kwanon also, I've noticed. Though the pics you see out on the net don't show it , the interior is green also. All black paint is olive drab finish. The leatherette is not black but a grey black instead. So its different too. All the black plastic is black. The secondary color can be white or yellow. I was holding out for a yellow secondary color one, but was only offered the white which actually works looks better when the speedfinder is attached, I think. Anyways good luck it in journey, I am sure you'll find one thats more affordable. Lindy
  8. Hi there, fairly ancient thread but I was just doing some digging around and research about this ODF-1. My father actually has one, unfortunately, no box, strap or soft case. Just the body and manual.
    I guess the most comprehensive information page I found was here:
    Does anyone even know how much these ODF-1s are valued now?
  9. @Thanks for the nice pictures!
    On ebay # 42846678 a Canon OD F-1 is offered for 1.200 € until 16.08.2009.
  10. hi, i have a Canon ODF-1 to sell for 999€ !!!!!!
    somebody interested ????
    condition like new !!!!!!
    also i sell a never seen version from a Canon F-A with orig. Canon Polarois back CF-PU for 1999€ !!!
    mail to: dena-detlef@t-online.de
  11. I cringe every time I see or hear about these olive green F-1. I went to Japan in 1980 and had an opportunity to purchase a brand new one. I remember it was the same price as a regular F-1n. I had never heard of, nor seen, one prior to that but I new it was something special. I stared at it for some time trying to think of a way to get it past US customs and avoid duties. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of a way and I had to reluctantly leave the camea behind in the camera store :(
  12. Reviving a super old thread but I've begun compiling a list of ODF-1s I can find on the web, their prices and their history. I'm still not sure if there was a separate run of these in the United States, as some sources claim, but the range of numbers appear to indicate more than 2000 were made available. I still haven't been able to find who this mythical individual from Australia is who claims there were only 2002 ever built.
  13. There were only 2002 built, that’s right from Canon. Japanese market only. And I know of the Australian collector you speak of, I bought my OD F-1 from him back in the 90's. Production of this F-1 variant was primarily in January and February of 1978. I have a list of date codes and serial numbers. I’ll add your serial numbers to my list.
    This has been discussed ad infinitum since the 1980’s. It’s always nice to discuss the OD F-1, but there’s really nothing new to bring up.
  14. Nowadays, ODF-1s are no longer so uncommon on auction sites. Perhaps it's due to the advancing age of their original

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