Eyes, or body language?

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  1. I'm watching the movie V for Vendetta. for those who havent seen it, the main
    charactor "V" wheres a Guy Fawkes mask for the entire movie. naturally you cant
    see his eyes ever. this forces him to use body language to convey his meaning,
    intent, thoughts and emotions. This made me wonder... nearly every artist ive
    EVER talked to says the eyes are the window to the soul. they convey all the
    thoughts and emotions a person can have and capturing the eyes, is in many ways
    the key to sucess. but ones body language can also achieve this. the movie is
    a prime example of it. so the question is, which do you feel shows MORE than
    the other?
  2. I sort of watched this movie and found myself wondering if the actor under the mask was really the big name actor they billed (Hugo Weaving wasn't it?)

    Anyway, interesting question. I'm inclined to think that when the person is 'live' the body language is more important but in a photo it has to be the eyes that are sharp. It just looks wrong any other way.
  3. Eyes are truly expressive, but some great portraits never actually showed the eyes. You can't
    ever expect to do great work and have any preconceptions, you then miss the moments of
    true insight and beauty. Learn to "see" what is there.
  4. Which do you think is more expressive in a song, the music or the vocals?

    It's a silly question to ask about an entire medium. In some instances, you'll get more from the eyes; in some, you'll get more from body language.
  5. I put it the other way: If you want to describe something body language can do it pretty well. Take those pictograms for different kinds of sports as a n example. They don't need eyes. In real life you have to get pretty close to resolve the eyes of another person, so you'll suck tons of information out of body language before you 'll read eyes. Eyes tell true love or hate. The rest is shown via the body.

    Coming back to people photography: The limbs and rest of the body are directed into poses selected by you. The eyes are by far harder to influence, so they are telling something about the subject.

    Psychologists did data recording of people's picture viewing habits. People put some effort into reading the eyes on a picture. OTOH body language needs much less to be "heared" by the viewer.
  6. some of the best portraits I've seen don't have "eyes", i.e the subject doesn't have to look directly into the lens
  7. nearly every artist ive EVER talked to says the eyes are the window to the soul.​

    Do they specialize in clown paintings?
  8. I haven't seen the movie, but I'm interested in seeing it now... was he overly expressive? I wonder if that was hard for him to learn. You raise an interesting question... and I don't have an answer, but it helps me to think more about body language, I ussualy focus on the eyes. I'd agree that its a combination of the two, and that its not as cut and dry as we would like to think... it'd be situational... I shot this while I was in latvia, not the best shot, it was mid-day (the only time they could shoot) of some staff members of a music seminar. I think this picture is a good example of body language... thanks for bringing this up. peace jim baker

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