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  1. This past weekend I was practicing my "M craft" and found it virtually impossible to see through the viewfinder (never mind the framelines)with with both eyes open. I am left eye dominant and can easily use an F3HP with both eyes open. Any ideas as to how to develope "sight" in my right eye (pirate patch, gaffers tape?). Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. the larger the viefinder magnification or the closer to 1.0x the
    easier it is. i trained myself to use the right eye (my viefinder
    eye) when looking straight forward and the other eye when i look to
    the sides. after a while you "switch" automatically, though i must
    confess i also find it more difficult with the leica compared to my
  3. Using the magnifier on a .72 body allows you to shoot with both eyes
    open i.e. right eye through viewfinder and left eye out in space.
    It's a remarkable feeling.
  4. Practice. Once you can view with the right eye, you will appreciate
    how the M fits perfectly up against the nose.
  5. Were you practicing with a M3?


    As far as I know (not too far, by the way) the M3 with a 50 Cron is
    the only M that will really allow you to do that without special
    efforts and since you don't mention . . .


    Regards !



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