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  1. Hi,

    I misplaced the rubber eye piece on my F5 viewfinder and would like to get a new piece. Problem is that I am not
    sure what it is called. I have checked the listed eye pieces for the F5 are the DK 2 and DK 19, but I just want
    the type that is similar to the original. Anyone has any idea what it is called and roughly how much it will
    cost? Thanks!
  2. The DK-19 will work fine - it's pretty much identical to the DK-2, but he hole on the DK-19 is a tiny bit smaller for a DX viewfinder.

    Aside from the slightly smaller hole, I've only noticed that the DK-19 isn't quite as firm as the DK-2.

    B&H here in the US has the DK-19 for $8.95 (not sure where you're writing from).
  3. Here's a quick photo of them side by side, showing the slight difference in size of the hole:
  4. Eye-CUP or Eye-PIECE?

    The DK-2 and DK-19 are rubber eyecups, and fit over the original eyepiece (glass with rubber outer ring): http://www.nikonusa.com/Find-Your-Nikon/ProductDetail.page?pid=4787

    The replacement DK-17 eye-PIECE (# 4754 - replacement for #2404) can be found at B&H Photo: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/300678-REG/Nikon_4754_DK_17_Finder_Eyepiece_for.html
  5. Lots of 22mm thread size (F5) eyepieces here which are eyecup, sans eyecup, rubber coated or sans rubber coating, etc:

  6. Thanks guys. I meant the original eyepiece.

    Thanks all of the suggestion. Problem now I guess is that the shipping to Singapore is not making the ordering from B&H worthwhile. They are charging over US$30 just to ship it over!
  7. >"Problem now I guess is that the shipping to Singapore is not making the ordering from B&H worthwhile."

    If you shop on eBay, I can recommend a seller that ships worldwide very inexpensively (USPS First Class Mail). Search for seller ID "americaneagle_camera", who lists the original OEM eyepiece for the F5. I buy a lot of my Nikon "bits and pieces" from this guy (Bruce Woodman). Fast, friendly, 100% reliable.

    Also, Boca Photo recommended by Robert above (I have purchased from this vendor several times) ships internationally at economical rates.

    B&H, while excellent, isn't the only option. ;-)
  8. Lol. That is so true Michael. Thanks for the recommendation!

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