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  1. Hi folks. I am by no means a vintage guru, but I came across an old lens cap recently that caught my eye. It is an old Aluminum slip-on cap with silvery outer and black inner finishes and with a felt lining around the inside edge. It measures about 48.3mm on the inner diameter so i suspect it is for a 49mm press fit. Ok ... not that interesting. But it is stamped with the word "Beauty" on the front. I'm generally quick to find info on an old gem, but there is nothing on this one. I have sifted through thousands of photos of caps but I have found none that say Beauty and text searches get muddied up with everything beautiful ... results in the millions. Is anyone familiar with this cap and can you tell me what lend it is for? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. There was a Japanese company who made TLR's and 35mm rangefinders with variations including the name "Beauty" in the 1950's and 1960's. If its for one of those it's probably not that rare.
  3. Probably for a Beauty Super or Super II, circa '56-58, though the only lenscaps I've seen were identical but in a satin metal finish.
  4. The company was Taiyodo Kok sometimes shortened to TKK. They made cameras in occupied Japan during the period after WWII from about 1948 to 1958. Their products were 'medium quality' and came in sub-miniature, 35mm and 120 sizes. The 120 cameras were either TLR style or a Reflex Korelle copy. Probably your lens cap is scarce and for someone who collects TKK cameras might have some value. However scarce does not necessarily mean valuable. It depends how many people want it.
  5. It could go to any number of Beauty fixed lens RF cameras. Here is a Super II with Cap
  6. Alas, as they say, no beauty in value.
    If you make the image no more than 700 pixels in maximum dimension and put a caption on it, it will display easily in line which is adequate, I think, for the detail in this one:
  7. Thank you, all. You have been very helpful.
  8. Louis,
    That is a beauty of a camera.
  9. The company's original name was Taiyodo Koki (not "Taiyodo Kok"). In 1957 the firm went bankrupt and was reorganized and renamed "Beauty Camera." Sadly, it ceased operations in the early 1960s.

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