Extract XMP file from DNG

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by robert_martin|5, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. I converted my NEF files to DNG before editing with Adobe Camera RAW, I did
    this so I would only have one file for each image (no XMP file). I have
    started using Nikon Capture NX on a few images and it will not work with DNG
    files, so I need the NEF files for these images. I have all the NEF files, but
    would now like to have the XMP files for all the adjusted images. Is anyone
    aware of how to get an XMP file from adjusted DNG files?

    I am planning on changing my work flow to use NEF files for all processing,
    this gives me the ability to use either ACR or NX on any image - I just have to
    accept the fact that an XMP file will exist for all ACR adjusted images. I
    would like to change all my database of several thousand files to this
    approach, but need the XMP file for images already adjusted.
  2. With Lightroom there is the option to embed the original raw file in the DNG envelope and also t orecord the processing steps into the xmp format.

    I think you are over complicating your life if this is a long term plan -- to work with two (or more) raw processing engines. It is good to experiment but my guess is that shortly you are goingto decide on one path or the other.

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