Extra memory card for vacation

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  1. Please could anyone kindly tell me if this memory card is Ok for my Leica C112 ?

    PNY High Performance Class 10 microSD Memory Card - 32 GB
  2. I don't know your camera. According to dpreview it takes regular SD cards (which are bigger than my thumbnail.) So a microSD would require an adapter. - Such a combo might work; but I'd see it as a way of looking for unnecessarry trouble, if you aren't planning to sink the micro SD in your next tablet or phone, once you are back at home and getting along with your current memory card again. - YMMV a bit, in case you aren't using dedicated card readers. Then an adapted microSD card might work longer, but still why bother with adapters without need?
    I have not tried PNY cards. Most of mine are by Sandisk and seem to last.
    Speed rating seems fair.
    Personally I don't feel comfy putting all my eggs into one basket and would rather burry a full card in my belongings, to have less pictures stolen together with the camera. And while traveling somewhat electrified parts of the world I carry a netbook and an external HDD along, to download my pictures.
    Sorry for the vague reply with paranoid tendencies.
  3. I agree, it is better to use muliple smaller SD card than a big one, for example 4 8G SD cards
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    I've never had a problem with the largest size cards that were affordable in almost fifteen years of shooting digital. I currently shoot with 64GB cards and have never lost an image. The one time I had a panic attack was after a frenetic wedding, I had a card that couldn't hold the whole event and it fell out of my pocket. Fortunately, it was in my car, but I would much rather come home with all my shots in something I can easily feel than something tiny and easily misplaced.
    If you already have the adapter, there's no reason to get a new card. Micro SD cards work fine. If you don't have an adapter, you will probably find that they are quite inexpensive, especially compared to a new card.

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