External flash recommendation for canon 80D

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  1. Hello,

    My Canon EX 580II has some issues (it fires 20% of the time) so I am looking into replacing it. Which external flash light do you recommend? I mostly use the flash for studio photos, using it for the umbrella light (slave mode with wireless built-in transmitters). I consider non Canon products as well. Thank you in advance for your opinions.
  2. I have one Canon 580EX II and love it. The new 600EX II-RT would be the Canon replacement.
    I have heard Yongnuo makes some compatible Speedlights with TTL and TTL II that run between $80-$120.
    I picked up 5 Neewer TT560 manual speedlights for under $200 for all 5 and use them with manual Phottix radio triggers.
    They are manual so you set the flash power level on the flash. Once you get used to using them you learn what power levels you like.
    But of course, with manual flash, you loose high-speed sync and cool features like first curtain and second curtain sync, but the manual flash are a very inexpensive option.
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  3. If you mainly use it for studio work why not just get a studio strobe. They are cheaper, have way more power and are easier to us in Studio. I use the Alien Bees you can find B800 and B1600 or even Einsteins on E-bay cheap. You can also send you 580 EX for repair and get it rebuilt for less than a new flash. I did this to my 580 EX I and EX II. I also have the new Canon 600 RT II but I use the Flashpoint triggers to trigger both my Canon speed-lights and real strobes together.

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