External flash for Canon G9X

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  1. I've been considering a Canon G9X to use on trips where I can't carry my 5D III and associated gear. The specs say the G9X supports a wireless external flash. Any suggestions? Does anyone make a small, light-weight wireless flash that I could carry around with the G9X?
  2. Canon only specify their HF-DC2 flash as being compatible.

    That flash looks like a piece of cr*p to me, so I'd be looking at a different camera. One that had a hotshoe. I believe some of the other Canon "advanced" compacts are equipped with a hotshoe, but last time I enquired, Canon had made off-camera flash almost impossible to use with their powershot G series cameras.
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  3. Thanks for the info, Rodeo_joe. I am open to suggestions regarding alternative camera/flash combinations. Budget is an issue, though!
  4. A bit late for the OP now maybe, but I know for sure that the old Canon G10 and G11 can take a "proper" Canon speedlight or synch with off-camera manual flash.

    They seem to fetch around £100 UK (about $140 US) in v.good used condition.

    I just picked up a near-mint Nikon P6000 advanced compact myself for £75 UK. It fires off-camera flash with no problem.
  5. The G9X MK2 has really impressive low light capability,(I find little need for a flash) is extremely compact, and user friendly touch screen controls make it one of my favorite cameras.
  6. Canon Speedlight 270EX II and others with wireless capability.

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