exposure lock with my EM?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by sblain, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. I love this camera a lot even if its only aperture priority, I dont feel shutter priority is a real need for me, however exposure lock would be quite usfull. This is why I am looking for an FE as replacement.
    unless you guys have a tric I dont know?
  2. Sorry, the EM doesn not have the exposure lock.
  3. Nope. That's one of the pitfalls of the very basic EM. It's autoexposure only, and has no AE lock (although it does have a +2EV exposure compensation button). About the only trick you have available is to vary the aperture on the lens until the AE indicates a shutter speed between 1/125 and 1/60, then switch to M90 mode and shoot at that aperture. Or, you could note what the shutter speed is that you want to "lock", reframe, and then change the ISO dial to get you back to your "AE lock" speed. Neither is very convenient.
    The FE has a very convenient AE lock (via the self-timer lever). Should you go that route, one thing to note is that after you push and hold the self-timer lever to lock in your shutter speed, the meter will change when you move the camera, but your locked in speed will not change. If your locked speed is 1/60, but the meter indicates 1/250, the camera will still fire at 1/60 as long as the self-timer lever is held. On the FE2, both the shutter speed and the meter needle are locked when AE lock is used.
  4. Thank you very much!
    I have 2 options at present (mint FE with flash sb15 50 1.8 vivitar 70-200 3.8) or (mint FG body only) both same price. I favor the FE but have no need for the extra lenses, I do find the little FG very nice too.
  5. Remember that there's no exposure lock on the FG (or FG20) either. If you do go for an FE or FE2 you might like try one before you buy since unlike Michael I find the memory lock on my FE2 rather inconvenient , both the FE and FE2 using the delayed action lever. This may be one of the reasons why they moved the lock it on the newer FM3 to a thumb operated button.
  6. Richard both FG and FE have exposure compensation dials do we really need exposure lock?

  7. For a one-time tricky metering situation, it's considerably easier and faster to selectively meter and then push an exposure lock button/lever than it is to remove your eye from the camera and lift and turn (or push a button and turn) an exposure compensation dial. On the other hand, if you are continually needing the same adjustment (shooting several photos of a snowy landscape for instance), then the exposure compensation dial makes more sense. So it helps to have both.
    Of course, the FG also has a very handy M mode, which I personally find more appropriate for this type of situation than autoexposure and AE lock and/or exposure compensation. YMMV. :)
  8. I'd rate in order of usefulness, most to least:
    1. Manual mode
    2. Exposure lock
    3. Compensation dial.
    As Michael says YMMV!
  9. If you have a chance to buy a mint FE for a good price...Buy it! It's ALOT more usefull camera than your little EM. You can always sell the lenses that come with it if you don't want them (although the 50mm f/1.8 is a great lens), and the SB15 Speedlight is a good one.

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