Exposure estimate for Riga Minox

Discussion in 'Minox' started by MTC Photography, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. Riga Minox has no built in exposure meter. For my own practice, I usually use sunny 11 rule.

    Which means, with ASA 50 film with aperture set at F11, set the shutter speed to 50

    For Minox, aperture F3.5, for ASA 50 film, the shutter speed is 500

    (11/3.5) squared = 9.87 ~~ 10

    therefore 50 times 10 = 500
  2. I use what I call the film speed by 20 rule. Since there is only a fixed f-stop (3.5) and the ratio of 3.5 to 16 is 21 but I think x20 is easier and closer than my guestimates anyway. Fast films means using the filters. Probably suits most users bec. fine grain film is slow. On this sunny day we love to quote ISO 50 means 1000th sec and slower for for light cloud and so on down.

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