Explain the glitch?

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  1. Buddy dog and I took a walk down to the park and I shot just to shoot. Upon scanning I came across 2 oddities. I am wondering if someone might know the possible cause. Only these 2 frames show said glitch and lens flare is out as the weather was dull and gloomy. Minolta XD, MD 28mm 2.8 on Foma 200. All shots at F4.

    3-30-21 28mm Foma 200 Lmax, F4 copy.jpg

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  2. The closest I have seen to that was when the layers of film touched each other in the reel when developing.
  3. I would think this may also be visible on the film. I would say these are caused by buckling. This can, as James mentioned happen with the reels.. but not due to touching but "jamminging" pinchiing and twising while loading on the reels. This should also be visible on the film a slight "knick" that'S German for a fold or bend.
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  4. Yes, it is caused by kinking or buckling the film. No doubts. Typical.
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  5. That's the first thing that comes to mind when I saw the images.
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  6. Takes me back to my first attempts to load film in steel spirals... I successfully created dozens of these "glitches"!
  7. All makes sense. I decided to load on a plastic reel but it was the wrong reel and it jammed. Had to fumble around for the changing bag to stash said reel and turn on lights. It went on to my trusted Hewes reel but the damage had been done. Thanks all
  8. "kinky" as they say. :rolleyes:
  9. Here's one of mine. IMG_20181114_140917.jpg
    Luckily, right on the edge of the film and outside of the frame area.
  10. Plastic reels are evil. I've got Nikor reels from Minox to 122 size, and everything in-between.
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