Expired Agfa Scala E.I.

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  1. Hello,
    I recently got 17 rolls of Agfa Scala, expired in 2007.
    I'm going to develop them as negatives.
    Since they are quite old (always cool stored,) I was wondering at which E.I. should I rate the film.
    I would assume rating them at 100 will be fine, but maybe I'm wrong...
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

  2. 2007 is not a problem for B&W film, especially cold stored. But since Scala was intended to be exposed as a reversal film, not sure about what ISO to use. Simplest thing is to shoot a roll with a series of exposures -- assume ISO 100 but then brack three or four stops on either side of the ISO 100 exposure -- and see what exposure works best. Then shoot the rest at that ISO.
  3. I believe they will be fine at box speed. Many shot it at 200 anyway.
  4. Since you've got lots(cheaply?), start with ISO200 and try +/- 1/3 to 2/3 stop. Scala was often push processed 1-2 stops with nice results. Depending on where you're located, you can still get it processed as a b&w transparency, too.
  5. Thank you guys!
  6. I think that the emulsion is the same as APX 100. Reversal processing is different to negative processing in that overexposure can lead to serious image loss in highlights, hence the recommended rating at 200. Which leads me to suggest that when used as a negative film, Scala should probably be exposed as if it was 100.
    Please let us know how it goes
  7. The new ADOX Silvertone is the same/based on the Scala but on a polyester base and the emulsion was based on the APX line but what they are selling as the 100 New APX by Rollei and Kentmere. is not the same... Just related.
  8. Larry, the new Adox film is Silvermax.
    And this film is coated on a conventional triacetate base, not on polyester. I've used this film, very good stuff. Very very similar to the Agfa APX 100 film.

    And there is no new "APX by Rollei or Kentmere". The Rollei RPX film is made by Ilford for Maco / Rollei-Film. But it is not the Kentmere emulsion, it is different.
  9. I recently discovered I have an unprocessed roll of Scala from 2006/2007. I developed it in Rodinal 100+1 for an hour and it turned out great. It also brought back some good memories. :)
    I imagine you'd do fine shooting at box speed and processing as you would an APX 100. The one difference is that Scala's base is clear. Since you have quite a few rolls. You can experiment with one or two.
  10. Thanks everyone for the replies.
    here's a random shot.
    E.I. 100, developed in Rodinal 1:25. Pleased by the results
    Next I'll try it at box speed!
  11. Nice! If you ever get tired of shooting with that film, send some my way and I'll help you finish it off. ;)

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