Experts' Opinions about Minox 8x11 cameras

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  1. Quotations from Minox experts

  2. "From the start the Minox concept was of a high performance high presicison isntrument of considrable versatility. Attention was thus given to the search for perfection, a search facilitated by improvements in lens computing, in optical materials and in all aspects of instrument production. The Minox lens of 15mm focal length and with a fixed aperture of f3.5 was originally of three elements, but now a four element highly corrected anastigmat made of lanthanum glass. It is capable of very high levels of performance and exceeds the resolving capacity of the film materials avaialbe"
    From T. L. Green: Ultra minature Camera Technique" Focal Press,​

  3. 'Queen of the subminiature cameras'.. 'A camera of secret pictures'--Since its introduction in 1938, the Minox has being recognized as the world leader in subminature format cameras. ".. the timeless beauty and technical functionality of Minox subminiature cameras in 8x11 millimeter format, make them favorites of camera lovers"
    From Hubert. E. Hechmann: "MINOX Variations in 8x11" Wittig Books.​

  4. "The lens resolving potential of ultra-miniature cameras is illustrated by the performance of the 4-element lens of the Minox. A test pattern the size of the Minox negative image is projected through each lens to a screen size of approximately 4x5 1/2 feet. Any lens which does not project this pattern sharply from edge to edge is rejected. "
    Joseph D. Cooper: the new ULTRA-miniature photography" Universal Photo Books.​

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