Experiment in free association

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by Leslie Reid, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Responding to Julie's parallel lines, now converging.

  2. Leslie, photo.netters love rules — so they can break them. For example, I am getting sweet pleasure out of posting immediately after I just posted ... because I didn't wait for four other people to post!

    So I propose two rules for these threads:

    1. No puppies!
    2. The number 3 must not appear in any photographs!

    I love puppies and I like 3 better than 2 or 4 (and it's a better number of items, compositionally): I look forward to surreptitious puppies, and/or 3 puppies everywhere.

    DAM*!! Supriyo posted while I was typing, draining away half my joy. I only get to kind of violate the 4 post rule. [checking for eyes in his picture]
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  3. IMG_5855.JPG Best I could on short notice For 3 puppies - refrigerator magnets. (And converging lines as a bonus)
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  4. Couldn't post this earlier -

    Picking up on Supriyo's B&W and, well I guess it's pretty obvious DSC_8838x1000.JPG
  5. The number 3 twice deep-obsession-done--12.75x18.jpg
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  7. I actually was responding to Julie's clock.
  8. In response to Julie's "DAM!":
    Grand Coulee-4909a-sml.jpg
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  9. This is riffing off of Julie's first abstract "Conversation" image and the colors of the OP's graffiti image. It inspired me to combine two of my soap bottle bubble macro shots on a layer in Photoshop set to "Exclusion" blend mode with a gradient layer mask.

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  10. love it, Tim. absolutely love it. my offering is about combining Tim's exquisite colours with Julie's (rumoured) exquisite rse.

  11. Not sure I'm going to look at my soap bottle bubbles quite the same way now. Thanks, Norman.
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  12. Following the psychodelic theme
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  13. Crumpled-rag-like-thing-on-floor from Ian

    bag_on_porch BW WEB.jpg
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  14. Edwin's chair

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  15. Fred's wood grain

  16. Following Tim's and Julie's colorful water and Ian's psychedelic themes pond ice 1+ s.jpg
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  17. Leslie's pattern DSC_3664x1000.JPG
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