Experiment in free association

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  1. In NoWords, we all contribute photos on a theme…but what if the theme could evolve on the basis of the photos posted?

    I have no idea if this experiment will work, but here’s my challenge to you: take a look at the latest photo posted in this thread, and post a photo from your archives that somehow relates to that latest photo. Note in the caption which photo you’re responding to (just in case two people post at the same time) and identify the relationship you’re playing with (just in case it’s as cryptic as I suspect it might become). It’s OK for one person to post multiple photos, but only if there are at least 4 others’ photos between your sequential posts. It’s also OK to post commentary, and I’d much appreciate feedback on the experiment and suggestions for modifications to the process. Here’s an almost-randomly-selected photo to start off:

  2. Excellent idea. Since I don't have any graffiti photos, I will focus on the pipes. Heres one from me.

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  3. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    Great idea. Responding to Leslie's pic


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  4. . triptych_color03D.jpg
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  5. I will riff on Supriyo pipe theme with a tenor sax solo Sharon sax blue adj med copy.jpg
  6. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

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  7. I'll go for the glasses in Gerry's pic. Wonderful idea, Leslie.

  8. PapaTango

    PapaTango I See Things

    Sorry, you people lost me at the photo of old people in wheelchairs being put in cattle stalls... :eek:
  9. PapaTango, you mis-read that photo...its senior day at the county fair!
  10. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    Ian's digit

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  11. PapaTango

    PapaTango I See Things

    Yeah right, sure. I suppose the next thing you are going to try to tell me is that the girl with the x-ray glasses is not trying to control our minds with that alien sound gun.
  12. blueMetal.jpg
  13. Following a curved line in Julie's image DSC_0741x1000 D101.JPG
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  14. Edwin Barkdoll

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  15. View through a rock from Edwin

  16. Leslie's rocks


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