Experiences with the Sinar to Hasselblad body plate ?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by art_arkin, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Hi there,

    I use a Horseman 4x5 monorail and have been thinking buying the Sinar plate that allows
    mounting of a Hasselblad body. My 201f focal plane shuttered body seems like a perfect
    candidate for making use of several shutterless DB mount LF lenses which sit unused
    because I am yet to afford a behind the lens shutter. I've also considered mounting a
    couple of cheaply acquired APO process lenses on Sinar panels to see what they produce?

    This all seems a great and very affordable way to extend my lens range for 6x6, not to
    mention fun with movements and the convenience of prism use for portraiture especially.
    Are any of you familiar with this approach and if so what are your thoughts and
    experiences, pros and cons ?

    Many thanks,

  2. Yes it works especially with focalplane shutter blad's.

    However one word of warning is the filmplane to lens nodal point distance, you might not be able to get full focusing range with certain lens. As I recall the adpater has an extension tube of about 20/30mm plus the depth of the mirror box.

    If you can get it sheap enough it would be worthwhile to play around with
  3. Hi,

    good idea, go ahead with the Hasselblad focal plane body. I am doing this with the Rollei SL66, which has a focal plane shutter plus 50 mm built-in bellows. Results with repro lenses, you are using just the center of max. performance and stopped down 1-2 f-stops, are superb. You can use focal lengths from 150 mm through 1000mm. As of ca. 520mm you may be losing 1-2 mm on the side in case of 120 film.
    Things are interesting especially if you go to films that were never available in LF or if you are lucky to still have APX 25 120 film.

    Best regards

    Joerg Krusche

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