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  1. Last month I posted a question here about a power problem with my Canon G9, and then went searching for a suitable repair shop. I thought other readers here might like to know of the excellent experience I had with Camerasandparts.com. After checking with Canon and looking at a few web repair recommendations I contacted camerasandparts. They were very helpful, explaining right up front what the problem likely was and how as part of the service they would also completely clean the camera internals and optics, update firmware and return it operating like new, all for a price that was much less than Canon.
    Well, I am happy to report that they did exactly as promised, and the camera is now working as good as new, perhaps even better than new since several performance quirks seem to have been fixed in the firmware. They even volunteered to pay for upgraded Priority Mail return shipping to speed the camera's return.
    These folks are specialists, only repairing Canon point and shoots, but they will be my source for any future repairs on the cameras they do service. I can certainly recommend them without reservation if you ever have a problem.
  2. Always good to know a good repair shop -- there's a Members Recommendations section of photo.net, if you post there your feedback will be easier to find.
  3. I also had my camera fixed at www.camerasandparts.com and they were superb. Mine is a canon sd750 powershot camera and Cameras and Parts exceeded my expectations with their exceptional service. Mine had that famous lens error restart camera error message on the lcd screen and the lens was stuck out. They were fast and they fixed it right. I never had a problem with it again ever since. Since getting it back, it just seems to work right. I think you're correct, they do just work on canons or atleast that's what they advertise on their website. I actually prefer a shop like that because they concentrate one one line of cameras and they obviously know what they're doing. I also recommend them with total confidence, they're probably the best place if someone needs help with one of these.
  4. Whenever you use an unknown vendor that was discovered on the Internet, it always comes with a bit of apprehension. That was exactly the case when I shipped my Canon SD300 off to CamerasandParts and saw the CC charge posted the next day. The delay in repair and return due to the intervening Christmas and New Year holidays and a back ordered part only added to my concerns. However, I must say that I have now received my fully repaired camera! For less than $100 it is as good as new. New display and backlight and a repaired zoom function have it in top notch condition. The representative I spoke with several times was always polite and helpful. He answered my questions in detail and apologized for the delay in return which was mostly driven by the wait for a back light. I am always willing to wait for good service and quality work so these folks have a new and loyal customer
  5. I own a Canon Powershot G7 digital camera that decided it didn't want to turn on one day. It really just happened out of the blue, there was no warning at all. Through a recommendation from a friend who's a photographer, I had it serviced and repaired at: www.camerasandparts.com Well it just came back this week and it's like new again, they did the repair, cleaned the whole camera, serviced it all, and I am as happy as can be. They told me the camera had a common short that sometimes comes up on this model and they said it's also common on the G9 too. They do a fix so this problem won't come back again either. When I had that no power problem, I thought my camera was done. The fact that it would not power on was unexplainable, I love my G7 and I wouldn't want to have to replace it. Anyway, the experience with them was totally a perfect 10 out of 10. They are friendly and super affordable, plus they include all of the servicing for the camera too. If anyone has a problem with a Canon Powershot camera, this shop is wonderful to get service through.
  6. I went with www.camerasandparts.com to fix the E18 Error on my Canon Powershot SD500 Digital Camera. I found out that was a lens error and it happened just after we dropped it and it landed on the lens. The camera was making a buzzing sound and the lens was stuck. Camerasandparts.com got it back to us like new. The camera works so great again and they serviced everything on the camera for next to nothing plus they did the repair of course too. I had the pleasure of working with Belinda at Cameras and Parts but their whole team was great. It was a really nice experience considering the upset of dropping my favorite camera. I highly recommend them.
  7. I had an excellent experience with Camerasandparts. I dropped my cannon SD850 and took it to a local camera shop for repair only to be told that it would cost $250.00 flat rate and that I would be better off buying a new one! After the many excellent reviews on Camerasandparts.com, I decided to give them a try. I have never sent anything over the internet for repair! I am so glad that I did. They repair the camera quickly and most importantly, the cost was only $79.00 (with a $10.00 coupon). I highly recommend camerasandparts.com!
  8. camerasandparts.com are scam artists. They have had my Canon G9 for months and have given me the run around the whole time. I don't ever expect to see my money or my camera again. Avoid them at all costs.
  9. It's only fair that I update my experience with Cameras and Parts.com. After a nasty email to them, they did finally respond and send me my camera repaired. I don't know if my experience was fluke, or if they drop the ball a lot. But they did finally come through.
  10. I own several Canons and camerasandparts.com got recommended to me through a friend who's a semi-pro photographer. The camera I had the problem with was my Canon G9 that didn't power on for no obvious reason. I had it serviced at camerasandparts.com and I am very satisfied. The turnaround time was about two weeks and they did such a great cleaning on the camera, the repair was done of course too. I learned the G9's have a known problem for no power and these guys do some type of change inside the camera so the problem doesn't happen again. If you need service, these guys are great for these cameras.
  11. CAMERAS & PARTS IS A SCAM. Search the internet regarding this and find reviews from people that actually have bad experience: CNET - RATE IT ALL - MY BIGGEST COMPLAINT. You will be surrounded by glowing scripted reports and experiences at all of these sites, but this is shilling. See for definition at Wikipedia... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shill
    1605 Dieter Drive does not have the business Cameras and Parts. There is only a barber shop and a UPS store. Cameras and Parts may have a mailbox at the UPS store. Cameras and Parts do not properly address you once your camera has shipped and repairs have been charged to your credit card.
    The website is misleading and the testimonials scripted. The address doesn't exist. Please beware if you are thinking about the good deal that you will receive by sending your camera for repair. You will not see your camera or have any worthwhile customer service that will actually amount to a solution. It will take MONTHS of worthless emails. Each response assures you that it is solved, but then it isn't. How does one remedy this when their camera is there? You can never get a straight answer beside it's being looked into or a part is backordered, etc.
    I am a real customer and I am not satisfied. If I am to receive a proper response via phone, a refund of my service fee or my camera returned, then I will submit a revised statement.
  12. I just used them too, they fixed my SD900 lens error problem. Great people and top service. Repair took about three weeks and the camera now looks and works like new again. Special thanks to Belinda, I am thrilled with everything. Thank you
  13. Amazing coincidence, all of the positive glowing remarks above except for the OP were posted by people who joined photo.net the day they posted, and then were not heard from again. Too many suspicious posts about this place, I'm sorry I referred the OP to the feedback page.
  14. I would encourage anyone who has been defrauded by Camerasandparts.com to file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), a division of the FBI. They are opening up a case to investigate Camerasandparts.com and the more people who have been defrauded and can provide information to the IC3 about your fraud incidents, the more evidence the FBI will have to pursue the company/site/proprietors of Camerasandparts.com and stop them from continuing to defraud people.
  15. I have filed a complaint with the FBI's IC3 as well as the USPS. Had my camera for over a year, didn't return it with all the parts. Still haven't got it all back, still have a camera that doesn't work, and I don't expect anything to come of it as all my emails are now ignored.
    If you even mention that you want a refund, those on the other end immediately become irate and threaten to send your account to collections.
    I'm amazed at how much time/effort they put into online shilling instead of doing proper business. How hard is it to return someones equipment through the post office?
  16. Cameras and parts is a scam. Period. avoid at all costs.
  17. Cameras and Parts is a scam. Avoid at all costs.
  18. I'm writing this review to clear some confusion regarding the validity and accountability of Cameras&Parts.

    When my favorite camera (Canon G9) quit powering on about a month ago, I did a lot of research as to what I could do to fix it since my extended BestBuy warranty had expired over a year ago. Cameras&Parts seemed to be the best deal for the best price, so pretty much without thinking twice, I went ahead and purchased the package and got my camera ready to send. It seemed way too good to be true, so out of curiosity, I did a little more searching and stumbled across some threads and posts that, for lack of better words, scared the crap out of me. I was reading dozens and dozens of accounts saying that this Cameras&Parts website is a complete scam, that they keep your money and you'll never see your camera again, etc. I really didn't know what to think either way, PLUS, by this time my camera had magically began working again, so I basically thought I was out $89 to a fake company.

    Still pretty confused and banking on hope, I decided to go ahead and call them in the morning to see if I could get a refund, and despite all the posts I read that claim "terrible communication", I got straight through to a manager. Instead of throwing out a bunch of accusations, I decided to kind of feel them out, and it turned out that the guy I was talking to knew literally every detail about my camera, which made me feel a lot better. He said that when the G9s have the "no power" issue, it usually means that a screw has come loose inside and shorts the camera out, and that if it begins working again, it's absolutely inevitable that it will stop working again, for good. Sure enough, I could hear the screw wiggling around in there, and sure enough, when I tried to turn it back on again, the thing was completely dead. Now that I definitely needed it fixed, I was still a little skeptical, so I asked about all the negativity on the internet. He said that he knows of one of two actual complaints that were resolved, but that 99% of it is a competitor's doings... Which makes sense, since all of the posts say more or less the same exact things, just worded differently. By this point, I felt confident enough to go ahead and send my camera off to be fixed by these guys.

    On top of the "no power" package I originally purchased, I added the $29 rush service from the website (since I need it fixed before an upcoming trip), and I had my camera back and working literally within a week. I honestly can't say one bad things about these guys. I really appreciate good service and genuine honesty and kindness, and the person who helped me went above and beyond (spent at least 30 minutes on the phone explaining things to me and answered every one of my emails within the day).
    It's extremely unfortunate that their reputation has been tarnished by some douche bags, which is why I was so adamant in writing a real review and providing photographic proof.

    As you can see, I'm a REAL person with a REAL, messy room, with a REAL thyroid problem, with a REAL love/hate relationship with the KC Chiefs, and finally, a REAL (fixed) camera:

    [ http://oi55.tinypic.com/16ba4iu.jpg ] <-- reversed so you can read sign
    [ http://oi53.tinypic.com/2n6zxo7.jpg ] <-- working camera and C&P return packaging

    As far as the shilling accusations go, I'm not sure whether C&P is involved in any of that or not, but if they are I'm pretty sure it's just an attempt to try and combat the online slander and restore their reputation. Also, when I received my camera back, they included a sheet with a list of websites; they give their customers the option to extend their warranty to a year if they go online and write a few reviews. So I'm sure a lot of it is simply people wanting their warranty, so they sign up to those sites, write a review, and never return... which would seem like shilling to someone unaware of this procedure.
    Regardless, I'm not sure if they're involved in anything further or not, nor do I care. What I DO know is that pretty much all of the negative accusations are definitely untrue, and that these guys did an exceptional job in restoring my camera back to normal.

    I know when I first stumbled across that thread with all of the negative posts, I was ridiculously confused. I didn't know who was a real person, who was working for a competitor, who was working for the company, if any at all; it was a serious mindfuck. So I'm writing this review to give peace of mind to all potential customers or people worried about whether or not they just lost their camera and money -- Don't worry. Not only is this a real company, but they did a great job, they were very kind, and as far as I know, very honest. I would definitely do business with them again.

    I'm going to post this as many places as I can.
  19. While I don't doubt you had a good experience, Jess, "when I received my camera back, they included a sheet with a list of websites; they give their customers the option to extend their warranty to a year if they go online and write a few reviews", sounded a warning bell for me.
    Presumably to receive the extended warranty - costing $89? - consumers have to write 'good' reviews?
  20. No, no, sorry for the confusion, Helen, I paid an original $89 for my "no-power" repair package (I think there was a $10 off promo thing on the website at the time).
    As far as the coverage goes, every customer is, I believe, covered for 90 days regardless. But if they want to extend it to a year, they have to go online and post an HONEST review, nowhere did I say "they have to write a good review". All I was saying is that some of the shilling accusations can probably be allotted to actual reviews.
  21. You know, you were awful quick to reply to me, Helen. Your member page says you work for Adorama Camera, which I'm assuming (based on the way you tried to put words in my mouth to discredit me) is probably a competitor.

    See, people.
  22. Sorry, Jess - Adorama doesn't repair cameras so no 'competition' there - and I'm an Independent Consultant for Adorama, not an employee. My role is to support the best interests of Adorama customers....
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    I'm going to close this thread for now with a few notes.

    First of all, Helen Oster has been a long-time positive contributor to photo.net. Her affiliation is made obvious and she has not used photo.net forums in an abusive way. I will also mention that one other very large retailer also contributes to photo.net, and has behaved similarly. Both offer help to users with general issues and with specific issues relating to those retailers.

    Second, photo.net frowns on posting the same long screen that is posted all over the web. Even if it isn't spam, it looks like it, and it's not an experience we encourage since it has a negative effect overall on our forums.
    Until there has been more time to review, this thread is closed.

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