Exakta mount lens on a DSLR

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by miha_steinb_cher, May 16, 2010.

  1. I still love the results CZJ Biotar 5,8 cm f/2 T on a Canon 1.6 crop DSLR
    (My wife, Tina and our daughter Vesna, born yesterday.)
  2. What a great photograph of your wife and newborn daughter.
    Enjoy your little one, they grow up very fast. I told our son and daughter -in-law, that I wished there was something I could sprinkle on them to stop our two grand daughters from growing up so fast.
  3. Beautiful, Miha, and congratulations; that will be a photograph to treasure. I can't think of a nice subject for a fine old Biotar....
  4. Wonderful photograph a treasure for the young one years from now! By the way, Konica made an adapter to use Exakta lenses on Konica AR mount film SLR cameras like TC and Autoreflex T. Coincidentally with minor machine work and a shim, this adapter works well on an Olympus DSLR, makes infinity but is at a 2x crop factor so your 58mm f2 Biotar acts like a 116mm f2!
  5. Nice shot, Miha! And congratulations to you and Tina on the birth of a lovely little girl! :)
  6. OOps! Re my previous post ; should have read "nicer subject...", of course....!
  7. Congrats.. Papa.. Beautiful picture! Great combination of technology.. I'm talking about the camera and lens ..really I am!!
  8. Congratulations Miha! Vesna looks beautiful. I still can't get over how tiny babies are when they are born.
  9. Congrats, Miha! What a wonderful moment captured with a wonderful, historic lens. I'm not a collector, so the last time I used a CZJ 58m Biotar was probably around 1960. I'm curious -- do you remember what f-number you used for this shot? I'm sure you can't look in the EXIF info. :)
    Again, congrats on the new baby!
    Tom M
  10. to Tom,
    it was ~f/4 (actually from EXIF data, shutter speed comparison between Biotar and EF lens pics taken that afternoon).
    To all,
    thank you very much!
  11. Thanks, Miha.
    I wasn't too far off -- I had guessed f/5.6 from the DoF. I hope all is going well with your new family member!
    Tom M

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