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  1. Well, it may not be entirely appropriate for the Forum, but a little light relief never went amiss, especially when it contains a grain of truth...
  2. Ha, funny! Sadly true.
  3. Thanks Rick,
    quite a bit more than a grain of truth alas...
  4. This is a visual depiction of the old saw from the Speed Graphic era: '35mm made bums out of photographers, and photographers out of bums'.
  5. Thanks Rick & Dave.
  6. A little comic relief is always welcome. Thanks.
  7. Very true!
  8. SCL


    I think I need to share this with some of my Iphone friends :)
  9. WOW, 6 keepers. You guys are AWESOME!!
  10. yes. but they are different keepers. the number of keepers is more related to the number of worthwhile motifs encountered during the day/walk/event than it is to the number of frames exposed. more shots per motif simply allows more precise expression of an idea to emerge from the editing process
  11. Didn't Ansel Adams say he was happy to get 1 great image per year?
  12. BTW Kodak made a camera allowing for 100 pictures on a roll about 100 years ago....
    Anyway, unfortunately the quality of pics does not improve the same way as the number of pics per media unit.
  13. yes. but they are different keepers.​
    I still try to think about what I am shooting. Some people take as many shots as possible, hoping to improve the chance of an awesome one. I like to at least try, for each one, to make it the best shot I can.
    But I still remember, when I was young, buying 100 foot rolls of black and white film from Freestyle for $6 each, so I could at least afford to shoot more pictures without worrying about the cost of each one. The result is that I have a lot of negatives now, even if I never printed them earlier.
  14. Devolution?
  15. Wow 6 good shots out of 2000. I only wish.
  16. Hah, good one....and I was always happy with one. When I shoot digital it takes me almost as long to delete the duds as it takes to shoot the pictures in the first place!

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