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Discussion in 'Olympus' started by rdm, Mar 23, 2011.

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    I currently do not own an Olympus camera but I am probably about to purchase an E-330. I have read lots of different things about the Olympus Studio Live View software. How tethered live view was added then taken away and things like that. However It's not clear to me whether the E-330 can be tethered to my laptop and let me preview. Can the E-330 or any other model Evolt cameras be tethered to a laptop for live view or it is like Panasonic's DMC-G1 where you can only preview it live on the cameras LCD screen?
    So if tethered live view is possible on any of them can you tell me the models and what software would be used?
  2. Have you tried Olympus Tech. Support?
  3. I haven't done it personally, but from memory you need to do the following:
    • Get the e-capture software from ImageCraft, http://www.imagecraft.com/ in the Other Software category. I believe this is linked with the last version of the Olympus SDK and does tethering. There is a demo software, and you can upgrade to the full software for $15. Hook this up to the E-330 and try it out, using live view on the camera.
    • Assuming the tether software works, you need to get a frame grabber or TV card on your PC that accepts QVGA signals from RCA connections. Run the TV card and connect up your E-330 with the video cable that came with your E-330.
    • Assuming both tethering and live view work separately, you need to get a combined cable that does both USB control and video out. The Olympus part number is AV/PC-2. Adorama has it for sale here: http://www.adorama.com/IOMAVIPC2.html. Honestly, I would expect sooner or later dealer inventory will run out on this, and there is no incentive for Olympus to make more cables.
    • If you would prefer to hack your own cables, you can get instructions here on the pinout: http://www.nolonemo.com/files/E520Cable/E520Cable.htm
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    Hi Akira, The guy never sent it. It was a real let down. I purchased it from eBay. I never expected to win it when placed the bid of $375....I won the auction for the camera and kit lens with the highest bid of $365. At the time i had the money and thought it would be great for this class i was going to take, so I paid for it and waited.. and waited.. after 2 and a half weeks i tried contacting the guy a couple times; no response. Then almost a week after the last attempt to contact them, i filed a claim. Still no response. But, then on the last day before the claim ended he refunded my money with the option, citing that the item was lost or damaged, but still no message from the seller.
    SO i never got it. I Spent some money on more film and paper for this semester thinking I would do without a digital camera, But i realize it is more difficult, since most of the lab hours conflict with my schedule, and no weekend hours. I am going to drive down to camera store in the city before i go to school and purchase the used E-330 body and see how that works for me. And they say i have 30 to return it if i don't like it .
  5. Dan, sorry to know that your auction failed.
    Personally I still think that a m4/3 camera is better to start from scratch (unless you do sports or continuous shooting)), but I won't start the argument here.
    Anyway, I hope you will end up with an appropriate camera for your need.
  6. rdm


    Hey Akira, just wondered if you were following this still and wondered if i should post an update on my digital camera i ended up with.

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