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  1. If I'm taking photographs of people at an event inside and using a hot shoe flash, but don't have much time to dial in settings for each shot. What mode would be best for me to put my flash in--manual 1/64 or 1/1, slave, ETTL/TTL?
  2. ctrl-b would be my first suggestion.
    Hot shoe flash and not much time rule out manual 1/64 and slave. TTL is a film thingy, forget it if you use a DSLR. If there is enough light let the camera decide the exposure. Canon flash is mostly fill-in so P/Av/Tv with E-TTl should be a good starting point. Dial in FEC, flash exposure compensation if needed.
    Have a look at http://photonotes.org/articles/eos-flash/ if you want to learn more about Canon flash.
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    What Camera and what Flash?
  4. For indoor shooting, when flash is going to be the primary source of light (assuming you are using a Canon
    DSLR and Canon EX flash or compatible flash), set the flash on ETTL and the camera on "P" mode. Av mode
    may provide a very slow shutter speed because the camera will try to balance ambient exposure with flash (fill
    flash mode as described above). When you gain confidence, then use "M" mode whereby you set the aperture
    and shutter speed and control the ambient exposure in the image. The flash then provides automatic exposure.

    Definitely read the article Jos highlighted above.
  5. Fastest most consistant is in manual mode with a zoom lens (24-70). The trick is to set you flash exposure to a pre set distance, example 7 feet and then always position yourself 7 feet away from what ever your photographing. When you need to be closer then all you do is zoom in while still remaining at 7 feet from subject. This is a tried true tested guarantee method used by pros since the beginning of flash photography, with the minor exception that the early days had no zoom lenses.
  6. Hello, IN my opinion 1/1 is best for clear and proper photo......

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