Error messages when trying to upload files to the NW forum.

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by gordonjb, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. For several days now I get at least one, sometimes many various, error messages each time I try to upload a file. The most common one is the " file is too large' error message. Like most things at PN, the error message has no relation whatsoever to the size of the file. I've tried upload 100 kb files to check and still received this message. For now I've stopped using the forum as it is far too tedious to have to try uploading a file a half dozen times before it works. pnBS.jpg
  2. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    The best results I have had, is by loading the file several times, usually 3x is the charm, but as much as five at worst. I suspect it is some kind of overload issue with other users going at the same time. Just guessing.
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  3. SCL


    I'm not so sure about that, Sandy. I've had similar issues trying to upload, but the post reply buttons black out and I have to back completely out of PN several times and restart it. It has become so frustrating for me, that I haven't uploaded anything to PN in several weeks. Hate not participating in the W/N/W forum, but I've found other places much more user friendly.
  4. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Next time it happens to me, I'll note exactly what happened, what I did, and what worked, and post my notes.
    Funny, I just got the server error message twice!
    I closed the error message twice and posted again. Second time it worked.
  5. I am also getting the error shown multiple times when uploading image files. I feel like a white rat, being tested to see how many obstacles I will deal with just to show something not terribly interesting to people who are not terribly interested. And keep doing it even though I don't even get a rat-pellet reward. (I start thinking the error message game is more interesting than my picture.)
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  6. Glenn has said in another thread that he thinks it might be related to the SPAM filters. I don't think it has anything to do with who else is trying to upload at the same time. I usually have luck by quitting my browser and relaunching it. It's a pain and seems to be happening universally and with regularity. I'm glad it's being talked about on several threads. I hope giving the issue prominence will yield some results.
  7. Sandy:

    I've never participated in the N/W forum but since I haven't had near the issues with V2 as most people, I gave it a try. Got the error message once and then it worked the second time.

    Not sure if it's my setup (Dell w/Win10, Edge) that's working or if I'm just one of the lucky few but most things work for me. I was surprised to get the error.

  8. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Except for a couple of relatively minor things, Mike, it works reasonably well for me also. I haven't gone back to upload to my gallery or reorder it recently, that was where I found it most frustrating. Seems as if things are gradually coming together.
  9. Hmmm ... I just posted two images in one post (in PoP) with no error on the first and a single one for the second. We rats are being toyed with.
  10. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

  11. indefiniteArticle.jpg
    One rat pellet for Sandy.
    [Got the error message four times in uploading that pellet. Savor it.]
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  12. Like Sandy, I get these messages from time to time, irrespective of file size. But so far it has always worked on the second attempt immediately afterwards. NW is my favourite forum and I'd hate it to get worse.
  13. Error messages instead of results is what I've come to expect at PN and I am willing to persist, to a point, in order to use the few features that I still enjoy. There does come a point after 5 or 6 attempts where I give up and leave. It's too frustrating to see a new thread, search out a suitable contribution and then get bogged down in shoddy PN performance issues and end by leaving without having uploaded to the forum.
  14. Gordon, if you'd be willing to try something, I've found the following to work for me:

    When uploading, in the 'Open' dialogue, choose the file you want. Then add two or three other files (stay with me ...). Click OK and upload will commence. When I do this, the first one or sometimes two load, then it spits out the last one with the red message of your OP. But after closing the error, the first one (or two) IS successfully uploaded. Delete the one you didn't want and there you are. See if that works for you. Or anybody else want to try it?
  15. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Loading three files one time is easier than loading one 2 or 3 times? I guess...
  16. It took me 7 attempts and a relaunch twice of my browser to get one No Words file posted this morning. This really sucks!
  17. No. I think a better solution would be for Glenn to address the folks in this thread and get it fixed.
  18. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Generally, I don't have a lot of trouble, but I use a relatively new computer. 3 years old or so, windows 7 and Chrome. No tablets, phones, etc. I have yet to have to relaunch the browser or suffer some of the issues others describe. The peculiar thing is that so many have such different experiences.
  19. Julie, I'll give that a try. Having to come up with an involved work-around in order to do something as basic as upload an image to a photo site is beyond ridiculous.

    Sandy I am working from a mac with a current OS and using 3 different browsers, every other site that I regularity go to loads fast and works without issue.. PN performance sucks on all three browsers. Maybe PN only works well on Windoze however I suspect the issue is unrelated to the platform.
  20. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    Two things - 1.) we pushed a fix for Xenforo image upload yesterday related to file size and then 2.) we had 2 of 6 servers uphappy this morning that DevOps addressed around mid-day...any issue this morning EST, was likely related to that the server issue.

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