error message r07 on the frame counter of a D70

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by peter_mcdonald|3, May 20, 2006.

  1. hello there has anyone had a problem with the message popping up on a nikon d70

    r 07 the camera locks up solid and after a while of removing the battery and
    card also a little swearing as well it seems to come back.

    cheers peter
  2. If camera locks up, so there could be definitely some problem there, but also could be the user problem. You do not reveal details, so trying to help would be just guessing.

    E.g. camera cannot find focus, or light for exposure is insufficient for the selected mode, or another reason related to the way you use and understand your camera.

    Of course there could be a hwardware or firmware problem. You could try to download and install the latest firmware from Nikon, and if the problem persists, you may need to return the camera to Nikon. But first try to shoot in manual mode, and manual focus, and remove red eye, etc. to make sure that it is not your fault resulting from luck of understanding your camera ?

    The r07 is not an error message, but only indication that 7 pictures at current camera settings will fit in the internal camera buffer.

    r07 mens that the buffer has remaining (r) space for additional seven (07) pictures to shoot at maximum possible camera shooting speed.

    If you find your solution, posting it could be educational to other site visitors.

    Good Luck.
  3. It might be a card issue, do you reformat the card in the camera each time before you start shooting?Have you checked another card in the camera to see if the Card is the problem?
  4. Frank has hit the nail on the head. At the time it happened were you "quick firing" shots one after the other. I had this problem once on the D70s and if you shoot too quicky the buffer will fill and the camera can sometimes lock up.
  5. The camera shouldn't be locking up just because the buffer has filled. It should only pause until the buffer has emptied enough to take more shots.

    And the remaining buffer display you are getting, 'r07', should only display when the shutter is partially depressed.

    What brand memory card are you using? I don't think that is the problem but it's worth asking as people have had problems with cheaper memory card losing data when shooting in continuous mode.

    Finally, don't forget about the hardware reset. It's a small hole on the bottom left front of the camera. (See the manual). You'll want to start carrying a paperclip on your camera strap.
  6. I recently ran into the same problem with a D50. Simply resetting the file sequence number from the menu solved the problem
  7. hi everyone
    does anyone has problems with sandisc ultra 2 2gb. cf card?
    i have this same message r07 on my d70 and shutter wont go off. i tried formatting card, fiddling with camera settings, but no luck. however, if i take off the card, shutter will function normally.
    any suggestions with the solution here?
  8. I have had the same problem. It started happening when I replaced my memory card with a new SanDisk UltraII 2GB. I checked my menu and the auto sequence was off. I think I fixed the problem by switching this to "on". I notice that this error only occurs in "auto" mode.

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