Error 1 Lens Communication Failure

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  1. Hey All,
    An error message appeared on my 5D mark II yesterday with my 24-105 says "Error 01: Communication between the lens and body has failed", preventing me from taking any photos
    I tried numerous ways to solve this problem but it persists, then I put my other canon lenses on my 5D mark II, everything is fine, so I think my 24-105 which has served me for 7 years is broken.

    When I googled it, I found out a lot of ppl were having this issue, and its an design defect that Canon wouldn't admit....I'm wondering if anybody tried send it to repair and how much does it cost?

    Thanks a ton.

  2. Pretty much any lens repair is going to cost around $150 or so from Canon, unless it involves expensive replacement parts. They have a fixed cost for taking a lens apart, poking around in it, fixing minor problems, putting it back together and testing it. It used to be around $150, but it may have gone up. Obviously if you break the front elements of a 600/4L, it's going to cost a lot more!
    Canon will give you a quote before fixing it, but they won't give you the quote until they've actually looked at the lens.
  3. Thats very helpful Bob, so you need to ship it to Canon repair factory? Im in west coast
  4. My 24-105mm suffered the same problem. It broke right in the middle of a wedding shoot.
    New ribbon cable, new diaphragm, new barrel assembly. Total cost £190 GBP.
    It's a common fault and is well worth repairing for another 7 years of good use.
  5. Hi Roger
    I got the same error with my 5DII and 28-135 recently (and all my other lenses worked fine). I've had the lens for about 7 years as well.
    I sent the lens to Canon for repair and it cost around $225 to fix. I can't remember off-hand what they repaired. But now it works like new and I think they even gave the lens a nice cleaning and tune-up. It looked cleaner and the zoom was much smoother.
  6. Also... I'm on the west coast too and ended up sending mine to the Irvine repair facility. The process is quite easy. Go to the Canon website and follow servicing/repairs link under the EOS camera section. I sent my lens via USPS and had the lens insured for the cost of replacement. As Bob said, they need to look at the lens before they'll give you a quote. Then if you agree to the quote, you can pay online and they start the repairs rather quickly. From the time I sent the lens in to when I got it back was about 10-12 days.
  7. I had the same problem and found a fix on YouTube. He was using a Rebel T2i and I fixed a Canon 5D MKIII. The process was to:

    Turn off camera
    Remove lens
    Turn on camera and take two pictures with no lens
    Turn off camera
    Replace lens without turning all the way into the lock position
    Turn on camera and take one picture
    Turn off camera
    Turn lens the rest of the way to its locked position
    Turn on camera and take picture [error 01 should be gone]
  8. I had the same problem 2 days ago during a wedding documentation using a 5D3, a 600exrt attached to the hotshoe and a 24-70mm l (the 1st version), I turned off the camera and turned it on again but didn't solve the problem then I turned it off again unplugged the lens from the camera body, waited for several seconds then plugged it in again to the camera and turned the camera on again, the problem solved so I could continue shooting until the wedding event ended.
  9. Hi Jack,
    Lot of thanks for your tips. It worked with my 5D Mark II while using a Tamron 70-300 Lens. The Error 01 message was appearing on my camera since last few months. Today it got fixed following your recipe. Thanks a lot again for saving my money.
    Best regards

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