Err reading on Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro

Discussion in 'Beginner Questions' started by v_willendorf, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I posted this question before under digital cameras/technical but haven't received a response there yet. I posted my question here again, thinking it might be a more appropriate forum for me.
    ERR reading on Fujifilm S3Pro

    V Willendorf , Oct 06, 2010; 01:55 p.m.
    I took my Fujifilm S3Pro out for an afternoon of shooting after not having used it for quite a while. I took about 30 or so shots. When I unloaded the compact flash card, there were only three photos there. I saw later that there had been an xD card in the camera as well as the compact flash card. (Only one card should be used at a time. No photographs from that trip recorded on the xD card.)
    I took the camera out the next day (with only the compact flash card in its slot) but when I turned the camera on I got an "ERR" reading. I switched cards and the camera still read "ERR"
    Today I turned on the camera and the "ERR" note was blinking, and for sometimes not coming on at all.
    I have checked all the usual knobs and buttons I use and they all seem to be in place.
    Do you have any ideas what my problem might be? (I did not touch the camera between the time I shot the photos and the next day when I picked it up to use it again.)
    P.S. I can't see through the viewfinder. The shutter button does not "click". The batteries are Energizer ultimate lithium, and they have been in the camera for about three weeks.
  2. Interesting: I dont think 3 weeks is a lot of time idle!! I have few questions...
    Reg. the first part of the question: normally with the review button you should have noticed whether the pictures are stored or not!! also by no. of shots left etc etc.. Its a bit surprising you have not noticed it. If the camera didnot give an error then it should store somewhere :). it wont be like if you have 2 cards camera gets confused and dont know where to store. it wont happen like that.
    If the camera shows ERR means it is not reading the cards. either both the cards are damaged and if not the camera electonics might got screwed up!!! check the batteries again anyway...
    thats my opinion from what you described....
  3. I did see the pictures in the review window as they were taken so I assumed they were being recorded as well.
    I will try different cards and different batteries.
  4. Try reseting the camera and format both memory cards. Also, try another card just in case. Tom
  5. P.S. I can't see through the viewfinder. The shutter button does not "click".​
    Is the mirror locked in the up position? What AF mode is the camera set in (if it's set on focus priority, it won't let you take a picture until focus is confirmed)? Have you tried using a different lens and verified that the lens is set to it's smallest aperture?
  6. In my experience, when Lithium batteries are exhausted, they will often do so very suddenly. There is no gradual tapering off like with Alkalines. It is possible that they were OK for the first few shots, but after that, could not support the writing to the memory card, but, the other functions would appear to work. Memory card writing seems to be the biggest power use in a small digital camera.
    I'd first try a new set of batteries. You might be better purchasing a set of NiMh (Nickel metal-hydride) rechargeable batteries with a wall charger. Look for ones in the 2000 mAh or higher range. Charge them first, and you'll likely see your camera come back to life.
    Oh - and make sure that you shut the camera off when you're finished with it for the day. Leaving it connected to a PC is also a good way to drain the battery (if you do that) rapidly. Best thing to do is remove the batteries completely to ensure that the camera isn't draining them unnecessarily. Of course, if you do that, check the date/time when you pick it up again!
  7. A little late here but it's worth pointing out that the batteries you are using fall into the "cannot be used" category as listed in the S3 manual. You must use rechargeable batteries as specified by Fuji and referred to by Larry above (NiMh). Mine are the original ones - Fuji branded - that came with my (used) camera and are rated 2300mAh.

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