Err 99 - is my problem really the shutter?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by ty_yamasaki, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. okay heres the story, i sent my 20D to my local canon repair center just to have it diagnosed as it was acting up with random err 99's. sometimes it would work completely fine, others i would get a err 99 after 8 shots (burst or regular). it would also exit out of menus or show me that its busy whenever i try to enter any, and show that my memory card was full. towards the end about a day or so before i brought it to canon, it just stopped working and would give me err 99 after or before the first shot. so now here i am with them saying its my shutter not opening properly. just wanted to make sure it was that before i go ahead and buy a new shutter. wondering this because of the other issues im having. would those other things like the memory card showing full or kicking me out of menus be part of a faulty shutter? i can and have replaced shutters on other 20D's and other canons before, so no worries on if i can do it myself or not. thanks!
  2. I have Canon 30D, and get the same error 99, and yes it was the shutter and I did replace it and now it is ok ;) you have to repair it , hope I helped.
  3. thanks for the reply! did you have the same other problems like memory card reading full or menus not working?
  4. Err 99 is canon's catch-all error, so it could mean anything. It does not sound like you have a faulty shutter, but rather a faulty board. Of course, it could also be that you have a weak/bad/old battery. I'd try a fresh battery and change out the coin cell and see if things don't improve.
  5. No, Dear Ty Yamaski :) just the shutter :) so Craig is right, it can be anything!

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