Epson vs. Canon inkjets

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  1. This might be a stupid question but here goes...

    As of late, I've been seeing and hearing great things regarding Canon's inkjet printers. I
    have been a long user of Epson's products... SP 1200 and SP 1280. I think I've master my
    output and feel comfortable with the process: custom profiles for the fav papers, etc. But,
    as with all things, the 1280 seems to be getting long in the tooth.

    Here's the question: in the past, Canon printers used ink cartriges with print heads built
    in. I know this is no longer the case, but they are user replaceable. Does this feature mean
    that the printers can not be profiled, or rather, do the print heads require replacement as
    to make custom profiling costly due to replacement and change out?

    Also, what is the quality and accuracy of Canon's printer profiles.

    Appreciate any insights

  2. I prefer the Epson look and quality....and the longivity of the print. To be honest with you i
    have send the same file on the Epson 2200 and the Canon I900 something and i prefer the
    Epson, a lot of peole i know are selling there Canon for the Epson 2400.....maybe someone
    could help you soon.
  3. People are probably reluctant to answer, because if you praise Epson too highly on these forums you are accused of being part of a cult! But, anyway, I have both a Canon ip8500 and an Epson R2400 (and used to own a 1290), so I suppose I'm entitled to an opinion of sorts.
    Basically, I would say that the Canon is very good, while the Epson is outstanding. Of course, they are in different price categories, so it is an unfair comparison. And the Canon only does A4, while the Epson is A3+.
    >>what is the quality and accuracy of Canon's printer profiles
    I think the supplied profiles for the Canon are, frankly, not very good. I have a similar experience to Vincent Oliver (UK photographer and digital imaging expert) with regard to the ip8500 Canon profiles. See here for his review of the ip8500.
    But I have solved this problem by using Ilford Galerie paper and the supplied profiles for the ip8500 from the Ilford site. With this combination, I get very good results. I know that other people are also getting good results with Ilford papers on Canon printers.
    The R2400 is, of course, in a different league. To compare them to football (soccer) teams, the Epson is like Brazil's World Cup winning team of 1970 (outstanding) while the Canon is like Germany's 1990 World Cup winners (very good, but I'd rather watch Brazil).
    The Epson supplied profiles are very acurate.
  4. I've got a canon i9900 and thinkit is a pretty fine printer and of course it can b profiled. I
    like it better than I do the Epson 1280 or 2200. the problem with that generation of Canon
    printers is print longevity. Canon has new printers with new technology but I haven't tried

    From some reliable sources the Epson 2400 sounds prettty terrific. I also have a friend
    who is a real printing fanaic and he greatly prefers the HP130 over hi Epson 7600.

    I profiled the i9900 using Monaco EZColor, but I got better results using the canned
    Canon Profile for Photo Paper Pro. It will be interesting to see how that compares to an
    Ethan Hansen ( ) created profile.
  5. thanks all....

    didn't want or mean to start a conon vs. epson... appreciate the information!
  6. I've been using a Canon i960 since October 2003 & have made some beautiful images with it, but I'm thinking seriously about the Epson R1800 so I can do larger prints that will wind up lasting much longer.

    I was thinking abou the Epson 2400 until I saw the prices of the cartridges. I like to print alot of what I shoot. Ouch...
  7. I have the Epson 2200 (I use for BW because the color was pitiful - and the BW isn't a lot better.) I use the Canon i9900 printer for color prints (dye ink...logevity?) There is no comparison printing with color on the i9900 using Caon paper vs others. The i9900 is far superior. Easy, quick, stingy on ink, superior results...what more can you aske for (except longevity?)

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