Epson V750 Scanning Oversize originals

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  1. I'm thinking of getting an Epson V750, but very occasional I'll need to scan documents that are 10" x 12", so larger than the V750 platten. Is it possible to scan first one end of the document and then the other, and afterwards stitch the two scans together in Photoshop? Or does the V750 platten design prevent this type of scanning, ie has a lip around the edge or some other obstacle?
  2. You are setting yourself up to either bleed money or become totally frustrated.
    Treat your legal scans as a separate goal and equip it as such. Getting a photo quality flat bed to do that size is going to magnify how much you will wind up spending, while maintaining the IQ of the 750.
    I would suggest something like a . This particular product is discontinued (they have newer models), but it is one that I have and use and the image on the site gives you an idea on how it is used. I gave the reference to give you an idea on what to look for. They are not expensive.
  3. Thanks Peter, I regularly stitch together composite images in Photoshop so that side of it doesn't worry me. All I'm trying to find out is if the platten design of the V750 allows a composite scan, or is there a lip or some obstruction at the edge which would prevent it.
  4. In regard to your question about a lip, yes, the scanner's glass bed is recessed down a bit from the surrounding shell of the scanner. In other words, the excess paper that overflows the scanner bed would have to rise up a bit to overflow on top of the scanner shell/surround.
  5. Thanks Doug, that answers the question, I guess a bigger scanner is what I need, either that or I put the occasional oversized scan out to a bureau.
  6. To add to Doug's response, the depth by which the glass is recessed is probably less than 1 mm (...sorry for the guess, but I'm not at my scanner at the moment), and the lip is beveled, so nothing is likely to get caught on the lip. In addition, it is easy to completely remove the lid of the v750 for scanning large documents.
    FWIW, I have scanned and stitched together large, single sheet originals exactly as you described. I have only needed to do this a couple of times in the 2 or so years I've owned my v750, but nothing got in my way. I used the padded upper lid to press down on the original, and the slight recess of the glass was no problem. I just cropped a cm or so in from the edges to ensure there was no wrinkling or out-of-plane movement.
    Tom M
    PS - BTW, I assume you considered and rejected photographing the oversize document instead of scanning it?
  7. I clearly misunderstood. When you said Documents, I thought we were talking about the text stuff. I retract my suggestion... ;)
  8. Thank you all, that's superb advice that completely answers the question, much appreciated!
  9. Yes, I've done it occasionally with 2-page maps. Just make sure they're the same size (top and bottom margins) and include some overlap for Photoshop to compare where to stitch the images together.

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